Wellness Challenges

The 4 W’s of Exercise Challenge will run January 22-February 18th. Registration opens January 8th and will stay open through January 28th. Once registration is closed, no other participants can join the challenge. Visit the LiveWell portal to register. 

You can create your own team or, if participating as an individual, join the LiveWell Vermont team!  There will be two groups for this challenge. A group that chooses to do a minimum of 600 exercise minutes for at least 20 days and a group that chooses to do a minimum of 900 exercise minutes for at least 20 days. You pick which group works best for you! Keep in mind, once you select a group you cannot change it.

This challenge will cover the Why, Where, When and What’s of exercise and is part of Lean, the first trimester of the 2018 “Wellness: Your Way” Incentive program. You will earn 80 wellness incentive points for completing this 4-week challenge. Each of the four weeks will have a different focus.  

Week 1- Why Exercise? Which will focus on why you should be physically active.

Week 2- Where can I Exercise? Not all workouts have to happen in the gym. This week focuses on a variety of locations you can fit in fitness.  

Week 3- When should I eat around exercise? Nutrition is key for fueling a good workout. Week 3 dives deeper into what’s on your plate and when you should eat it!  

Week 4- What can I do to protect my body? Because preventing injury during a workout and at work are very important.

The requirements for this challenge:

  1. Log your required minutes of exercise for 20 days. (600 or 900 depending on which group you joined)
  2. Complete ALL challenge tasks by the end of the 4-week challenge. Please note that each week of the challenge has between 5 and 7 tasks to complete. The task items will be the same for both groups.

You will remain eligible to earn wellness incentives for challenge completion if all tasks are completed by Monday, February 19th.   

You can expect an email from the LiveWell team every Monday, Wednesday and Friday during the challenge, which will include a motivational message, fitness tips, and additional helpful resources. The emails will also include the challenge completion requirements. Please be sure to take note of the requirements to earn incentives.

Please note that if you complete all the challenge requirements before the challenge end date, points will not appear in your incentive summary until Tuesday, February 19th.  Enjoy the 4 W’s of Exercise challenge!

Please consult the 4W’s of Exercise 2018 Challenge FAQ for further details.

Watch the 4 W's Of Exercise 2018 Challenge Video below for detailed information.

Stay tuned for further challenges scheduled throughout the incentive year. There will be two challenges in each of the trimesters during the Wellness: Your Way 2018 Incentive Program. Next one for Lean will be in March and is a 3-week challenge focused on Strength Training.