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Wellness Challenges

Trimester 2: Green in the 2018 Wellness: Your Way Incentive Program will run from April 15th through July 28th. You will have an opportunity to earn 100 points by participating in wellness initiatives, which can be found on the Green menu on your dashboard page.  If you have not already completed your online Health Assessment AND Wellness Score Survey for 2018, be sure to do so as they are required to be eligible for incentives. Access the incentive program through the LiveWell Vermont portal.

The LiveWell Green Livin' 3-week challenge will focus on your relationship with the environment! Are you aware of your energy usage, food waste or how to properly recycle? Explore our impact on the planet and how we can improve our lifestyles to support our health and this beautiful planet.

Register in your BCBSVT Wellness Portal: June 18th -July 8th, 2018.  If you're registering solo, consider joining the LiveWell Vermont Team!

Completion Requirements:

1. Drink and log at least eight 8-oz. glasses of water (64 ounces) for at least 15 days of the challenge

2. Complete all weekly tasks by the end of the challenge

3. Username for portal login must be employee ID#.

You can expect an email from the LiveWell team every Monday, Wednesday and Friday during the challenge, which will include a motivational message, nutrition tips, and additional helpful resources. The emails will also include the challenge completion requirements. Please be sure to take note of the requirements to earn incentives.

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Check out the Incentive page for more details on the 2018 Wellness: Your Way Incentive Program.