Wellness Challenges

The last challenge of 2017 ended on October 30th. Please stay tuned for information on our 2018 programming and challenges. Thank you for your participation!

LiveWell challenges are focused on all aspects of health and wellness including, but not limited to:

  • Physical Activity
  • Nutrition
  • Emotional / Personal Growth / Capacity for Change
  • Healthy Worksite Culture
  • Relaxation & Stress Management
  • Sleep

Workplace Wellness Challenges are activities that engage employees in becoming happier, healthier, and more energetic at work.  The purpose of our wellness Challenges is to encourage healthier lifestyle behaviors. Challenges help to promote a supportive, positive climate of fun and camaraderie in both the workplace and personal life, and may help participants to adopt or maintain a healthy way of living.  The net result is an engaged and productive workforce that performs at a higher level – everybody wins!