Establishing New Positions


All new classified and exempt positions must be approved by the General Assembly. The legislative Joint Fiscal Committee approves limited service positions associated with grants, federal funding, or other non-state funding sources. The position pool allows us to use existing vacant positions to establish new positions within a department or agency, by transferring and converting existing vacant positions.

Process for Adding New Positions

General Assembly Authorization

The General Assembly authorizes new positions through session law. Sometimes these positions are added at the recommendation of the Governor based on individual requests by an agency or department through the annual budget development process. Sometimes the General Assembly will include new positions as part of new programs or initiatives. Usually the agency or department will have an opportunity to provide testimony in the appropriate committee regarding the new positions.

Legislative Joint Fiscal Committee Authorization

The Joint Fiscal Committee, through the Joint Fiscal Office, approves grants and grant funded positions, see 32 VSA § 5. Grant funded positions must be requested using the Joint Fiscal Committee Review, Limited Service – Grant Funded – Position Request Form.

Any new position, classified or exempt, funded by a grant that is, or was, approved by the Joint Fiscal Committee must also be approved by JFC. JFC also approves the use of existing positions to be funded by a new grant, if you are asking to fund an existing position through a grant you must include the existing position number, and original JFO# if the position was originally approved by JFC. The Department of Finance and Management, Budget and Management can help you determine if JFC approval is required in specific funding situations.

Limited Service, 100% grant funded positions CANNOT be authorized through the position pool.

Grant funded position requests should be completed, signed by the appointing authority and forwarded to the Department of Human Resources. Requests are reviewed, usually within two days, and then the original is forwarded to the Department of Finance and Management, Budget and Management for their review. The Budget and Management staff will coordinate review and approval with Secretary of Administration, and will forward approved requests to JFC.
JFC has a 30 day review cycle, if a request is not considered at a JFC meeting, only after the 30 day review cycle has elapsed can a position be established. A committee member may ask to have a grant/position considered at a Joint Fiscal Committee meeting. At that point the position will only be established after JFO has notified DHR the position has been approved by the committee.

Position Pool Process

The Secretary of Administration is not considering routine position pool requests at this time unless they are emergency in nature. All other position requests should be submitted as part of the budget development process.

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