Advertising Portfolio

Recruitment Services is constantly working to provide the best advertising and outreach resources to support marketing your vacancy to the correct target market. The Advertising Portfolio contains sources for print, web and social media.

Barre Times Argus (Print)  Discounts may apply if you advertise in both the Barre Times Argus and Rutland Herald.

Burlington Free Press (Print)  When you place a print ad with the Burlington Free Press your ad is also placed on Career Builder as part of the cost.

Independent Advertising

Agencies and departments may find it effective to advertise in regional/local newspapers that are not part of the Coordinated Advertising Program.  The State’s standard ad template and graphic standards should be used when placing ads independently.

If you choose to place an advertisement in a publication or other advertising source that is not supported by the DHR Coordinated ad services or elect to not utilize this service, you are asked to follow the State of Vermont advertising guidelines.

Coordinated Advertising

Recruitment Services offers assistance in coordinating your advertising needs.  We will help you place your advertisement using our coordinated ad services to maintain consistent branding and pass cost savings on to your agency and/or department.



Advertising is a form of marketing communication used to inform and persuade an audience to take or continue some action.  Depending on the circumstances it can be a useful tool to communicate employment opportunities and target the audience that best meets your staffing needs.  Your advertising plan should address both short term and long term outreach objectives.  The keys to successful advertising are: a) knowing your budget to allocate toward specific types of advertising; and, b) identifying your target audience and where they can be reached.

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