Time Entry

Employee expectations

All employees are expected to accurately enter their own time into the VTHR timesheet before the conclusion of their last shift in a pay period (for many employees this may be Friday at 4:30 PM). Hours worked should not be estimated in advance; the VTHR system is designed to capture real time submissions. Time may be entered daily, weekly or bi-weekly but employees are encouraged to report time as frequently as possible. If you are unable to enter your own time you need to notify your supervisor and/or your department’s delegate.

Employees have the ability to submit changes and additions to their timesheets throughout the pay period. If you need to change time that has already been reviewed and approved you need to document the reason for the change and notify your approver using the time sheet’s comment field.

Prior period corrections

Employees have access to make additions and corrections on their timesheets until the Monday following a pay period’s end. To make a correction on Monday following the pay period, simply navigate back to the previous timesheet and make it look how it should have looked originally. You’ll need to document the reason for the change and notify your approver using the time sheet’s comment field. Once the final submission deadline has passed on Monday, prior period corrections will need to be made by department time entry delegates. Any changes occurring further back than one pay period will need to be facilitated through time entry delegates and the Time and Labor group. Prior period corrections that are submitted and approved before a pay period’s final submission and approval deadlines will be processed in that pay period and reflected in that pay check (late submissions will be reflected in the next paycheck).

Need help submitting your timesheet?

Written instructions, recordings of training sessions and online tutorials are available on a variety of topics via the links below. The tutorials are recorded sessions that employees can view as often as desired. These tutorials have three modes in which you can view them “See it!” which plays like a video, “Try it!” which is interactive and guides you through completing a transaction and “Print it!” which allows you to print a desk aid.

VTHR In-Person Training

Time Entry Quick Guide

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