Flu Program

The 2018 Flu Clinics have finished statewide. Flu shots can be gotten at any point during the season.  They usually take 2 weeks to take effect so the recommendation is to get vaccinated before flu season hits!

If you missed getting a flu shot at one of the State-sponsored clinics, it is not too late!  You can still be a ROCKSTAR!  You and any family members under your health plan can get them at any pharmacy that accepts your State of Vermont Express Scripts insurance card (the State’s pharmacy vendor).  Be sure to bring your card with you!

Check with the pharmacy first if you have children as they may need to be vaccinated at their doctor’s office. If you are over 65 and wondering whether to get a High-Dose flu shot, check with your primary provider.  Some pharmacies carry this version but we suggest calling before you go.  Please note: The CDC does not recommend one shot over another.  If you cannot get a High Dose, don't wait-get vaccinated with what is available!

Visit the Quick Links below for Vaccine and Thimerasol information Sheets. 

Quick Links:

Flu Vaccine Information Sheet

Thimerasol FAQ

If you have any questions, please email LiveWell Vermont Program or call 802-828-7308.