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Working for the State of Vermont

Work That Matters

When you work for the State of Vermont, you and your work matter. That’s because - as an employer - the State of Vermont exists to protect, preserve and enhance the exceptional quality of life here in Vermont. So working for the State means you are contributing to the betterment of the people, places and traditions of Vermont. And while this is a major reason to work for the State, it is not the only one. A career with the State of Vermont also puts you on a rich and rewarding professional path. One filled with challenge, excitement, and tremendous opportunities for growth — not to mention a host of work-life benefits that are hard to match.

So Many Opportunities

Nowhere in Vermont will you find so many opportunities with one employer. Whether you are looking for “a stepping stone” to launch your professional life, growing a long-term career or changing career paths, you’ll find jobs in dozens of fields including:

  • Human Services
  • Public Safety
  • Engineering
  • Natural Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Accounting/Finance    
  • Agriculture
  • Public Health
  • Economic Development
  • Corrections
  • Trades

Once you are working for the State, there are many opportunities for career and personal growth, as well as the potential to explore different career options while enjoying the benefits of a single employer.

The Best People

State services are only as good as the people who deliver them. That is why the State of Vermont values a diverse, competent and committed workforce. Vermont State Government is committed to providing a work environment where abilities, initiatives and experience are fostered into work that matters. Attracting a diverse workforce allows agencies and departments to better serve their client communities through improvements in planning and problem solving.

The State of Vermont is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

A Paycheck, and So Much More

The State of Vermont offers an excellent total compensation package, offering benefits designed to meet your health and financial needs, improve your quality of life and help balance your responsibilities at home and work.