Supervising in State Government Level II: Building Excellence



Note: We are currently creating a wait list for interested participants for this program.  Please contact Joe LaPorte ( to add yourself to the wait list if interested and you will be contacted when the class resumes. 

Building on Supervising in State Government Level 1 (SSG1), Level 2 (SSG2) provides extensive practice and application opportunities, and will help supervisors and managers build their skills and proficiency for lasting success. Only SSG1 is mandatory at this time, and CAPS provides a certificate of completion for SSG1, but both SSG1 and SSG2 are required for successful completion of the certificate program, “Supervising in State Government.” Completion of Level 2 is excellent preparation for the Vermont Certified Public Manager® Program.

SSG2 is designed to address a set of supervisory competencies. A full list of the competencies and the courses that address them, is available in the documents link at the bottom of this page.

Who is eligible to enroll? Those supervisors and managers who supervise, who have completed SSG1, may enroll in SSG2. NOTE: You must complete the SSG1 coaching session before you take the Opening Seminar of SSG2.

What does SSG2 cost? There is no fee for state employees.

What is covered in SSG2? For course descriptions including learning objectives and supervisory competencies addressed, visit the CAPS Courses and Registration page and click on "Supervisory Training".  All courses are in date order, but may be sorted alphbetically.  The supervisory competencies on which SSG is based, and course descriptions with learning objectives and competencies, can also be found at the Documents link below.

How does SSG2 work? The seminars of SSG2 will be rolled out over the remainder of 2016. The first seminar, which is a prerequisite to all the others is available now for registration:

SSG2 Opening Seminar: Your Strengths and Your Development Plan: This one-day seminar must be taken before the remaining seminars of SSG2. Competencies include: Self-aware; Accountable; Effective Communicator; Talent Manager.  Full description and registration are available on the CAPS Courses and Registration page in the Supervisory Training section.

The remaining seminars may be taken in any order, except for the Capstone Day, which must be taken last. Only the Opening Seminar and the Closing Seminar must be taken in that order. We recommend that you begin by registering for the Opening Seminar, and CAPS will provide instructions and assistance for continuing with the other SSG2 seminars.  Please note that you may enroll in the middle seminars at any time, but must complete SSG2 within 18 months of your original enrollment.

The Opening Seminar is required before taking the following:

SSG2 Performance Management: Practice and Application (1-day) Competencies include: Talent Management; Problem Solving; Accountability; Communication

SSG2 Guiding Successful Teams: A Strengths-based Approach (1-day) Competencies include: Self-Aware; Team Builder; Strategic Leader; Effective Communicator; Promoter of Diversity; Problem-Solver/Decision-Maker

SSG2 Crucial Communication Skills & Managing Change (2-days) Competencies include: Self-Aware; Effective Communicator; Team Builder; Promoter of Diversity

SSG2 Recruiting, Interviewing and Hiring (1-day) Competencies include: Talent Manager; Promoter of Diversity; Strategic Leader; Accountable; Effective Communicator

SSG2 Labor Relations (1-day) (TBD) Competencies include: Accountable; Problem-Solver/Decision-Maker; Effective Communicator; Talent Manager; Strategic Leader

SSG2 Closing Seminar: Life After Training (1-day) (TBD) Competencies include: Self-Aware; Strategic Leader. The SSG2 Capstone Day (dates to be determined) will be scheduled as a number of participants reach completion of the above seminars.


Forms and Documents - SSG Level 2