Job Specifications

Geographic Information System (GIS) Professional II

Job Code: 110200

Pay Plan: Classified

Pay Grade: 22

Occupational Category: Information Technology & Statistics

Effective Date: 07/01/2016

Class Definition:

This is the second level of five in the GIS Professional series. This is a professional level position that provides basic GIS services to a specific program or business unit. Primary responsibilities are the creation/maintenance of GIS data, the production of map products, and the execution of basic spatial analyses. This includes geospatial data editing using GIS software to maintain geospatial data in GIS databases and using GPS technology to collect data. This position is accountable for ensuring and reviewing GIS data integrity and data documentation. These duties and services are generally provided across a single program or business unit. Duties are performed under the direction of a supervisor.

Examples of Work:

Create, edit, and maintain geospatial data to be used by internal staff and external customers. Use GIS software editing tools to create and manipulate geospatial feature classes and datasets. Gather and assemble disparate geospatial data from multiple data editors and other sources to produce a single seamless dataset. Create and maintain documentation about geospatial data. Introduce and support GIS editing processes and workflows to other staff data editors. Utilize code scripts and macros to automate data editing and data distribution to improve efficiencies. Use and support the use of GPS along with the download and integration of GPS data into GIS databases. Document new or updated GIS data. Adhere to and communicate GIS data development standards to other agency or department staff. Adhere to applicable change management processes. Provide data to or review data products from vendors. Visit agency/department regional offices to support regional staff in GIS data collection and GIS editing efforts. Assist with deploying and training staff to use desktop, web, and mobile applications that leverage spatial data and GIS technology. Perform basic spatial data queries and analyses. Create hardcopy and digital maps from GIS data for internal and external use. Respond to and fulfill data and map requests. Assist and support other staff in creating maps. Create digital maps for use on agency or department websites. Assist in updating GIS-related agency/department websites. Assist other GIS staff in maintaining and upgrading GIS software. Assist GIS Professional III, IV, or V with project planning. May represent the agency or department at professional seminars and public meetings. Perform related duties as required.

Environmental Factors:

Duties are performed primarily in a standard office setting although regional office visits may require travel. Fieldwork may be required. Attendance at meetings, seminars or conferences outside of normal work hours may be necessary. Manual dexterity is required in operating computers and GIS-related hardware, as are good eyesight and eye-hand coordination.

Minimum Qualifications

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Knowledge of GIS concepts, database design, and cartography.

Intermediate skill in the use of GIS software.

Knowledge of geospatial data editing tools, methods, procedures, and transformation methods.

Knowledge of the operation and maintenance of computer peripherals and graphic output and input devices associated with GIS functions including GPS units.

Knowledge of GPS data integration into GIS databases.

Ability to edit geospatial data and maps with accuracy and precision.

Ability to document data editing procedures, data quality, and metadata.

Knowledge of mobile and web GIS technologies.

Knowledge of cartography.

Ability to read and interpret maps, survey notes, engineering plans.

Knowledge of intermediate spatial analysis and data query tools and techniques.

Ability to evaluate proposed new geospatial techniques, data models and equipment, and prepare recommendations on their use.

Knowledge of aerial photo interpretation.

Ability to monitor work of mapping contractors and other service providers.

Skills in handling people with tact and recommending practical solutions to problems.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships.

Ability to effectively communicate verbally and in writing.

Ability to analyze problems and make logical and timely decisions both in office and in the field.

Education and Experience:

Associate's degree or two (2) years college coursework in GIS, geography, computer science, or other closely related field.


Two (2) or more years of experience in GIS, geography, computer science, or other closely related field.

Special Requirements: