Online Recruitment Tools

General Guidelines

The recruitment process represents a significant investment and has many stakeholders.  Hiring managers have a major role throughout all stages of the process.  There are a number of tasks associated with recruitment, as well as important decisions.  Here we provide resources to assist you in the tasks of recruitment and the policies and best practices that support your decisions.

To begin, we recommend that you review the Key Recruitment Polices & Guidelines document.

Key Recruitment Policies & Guidelines 2018 (pdf)

We have also developed a recruitment checklist, which outlines the tasks that are the hiring manager’s responsibility in each job opening.  If a task is not listed here, you can expect that Human Resources (HR) will take care of it.

Recruitment Checklist for Hiring Managers (pdf)

Plan Ahead to Achieve Great Results

Pre-Recruitment Planning (PRP) ensures that your recruitment process is timely and efficient.  Although many hiring managers are concerned that planning will cause undesirable delays, we find that failure to plan often results in errors, miscommunication and lost time.  We strongly recommend that hiring managers take the time to review the job requirements and position details BEFORE submitting a request to recruit.  If changes are needed or if you anticipate that you will have a small pool of qualified applicants, reach out to your HR Administrator or Recruiter for a quick planning discussion.

Use the Pre-Recruitment Planning Worksheet to expedite your review.

Pre-Recruitment Planning Worksheet (pdf)
Recruiter Assignment By Department (pdf)

Hiring Manager Access in VTHR

Each department has designated VTHR Security Coordinators who approve requests for access to restricted modules in VTHR.  Your security coordinator sends an email to the Recruitment inbox ( with the hiring manager’s name and employee ID to grant hiring manager access in VTHR.  You will be notified when the hiring manager role has been added to your VTHR account.

All employees who are granted the Hiring Manager role in VTHR have permission to do the following actions:

  • Initiate recruitment activity on any position in the department

And, for any Job Opening where the employee is added as a Hiring Manager or Interested Party...

  • Review applicants and print applications and resumes
  • Mark candidates as “Interviewed”
  • Reject applicants and send letters to applicants that they were not selected for further consideration
  • Forward applicants to receive an offer for hire

Submit a Job Opening

Our online posting and application system is designed to give hiring managers significant access to their job openings during the entire recruitment process, beginning with initiating the job opening.  Anyone who has hiring manager access in VTHR may create a job opening and submit it for approval.

Job Opening Quick Reference (pdf)
Create a New Job Opening (video)

Once the hiring manager submits the job opening, it goes to the Appointing Authority for approval.

Appointing Authority Approval Quick Reference (pdf)
Approve Job Opening (video)

Once the Appointing Authority approves the recruitment, the remaining steps to complete and post the job opening are completed by HR.  You will receive a system-generated email notifying you when HR completes the final approval step and the job opening is posted on the Careers website.

Hiring Managers have access to view incoming applications during the posting period, but take no further actions in the job opening until the application deadline has been reached and HR provides a candidate list.

Review Applications and Resumes

Once HR screens and routes the candidate list, the routed candidates’ applications and resumes become available in a special report that the hiring manager can run in VTHR.

Downloading Applications & Attachments Quick Reference (pdf)
Review Applicants (video)

Browse Job Openings (pdf)

Manage Applicants

Below are resources for the hiring manager’s tasks in VTHR related to managing the status of each routed candidate within the job opening.  (See the Candidate Selection and Hiring page(s) on this website for an overview of the process.)  These steps are listed on the Recruitment Checklist.

Interview Documentation

The offer of an interview must be documented in VTHR.  This provides useful data.  The interview function may also be used to confirm scheduled appointments.  However, our best practice is to continue to contact applicants directly to invite them for an interview and only use VTHR for confirmation and documentation.

Interview Status Quick Reference (pdf)
Record Interview (video)

Applicant Notification

The hiring manager is responsible for all applicant communication once you receive a routed candidate list.  Applicants with a valid email address receive a system-generated notice when they successfully submit the application.  Applicants who fail screening (based on their questionnaire responses) and are NOT routed to you receive notification that they did not meet basic eligibility requirements or minimum qualifications.  Once applicants are routed to the hiring manager, there are no further automated notifications regarding their status.  Policy 4.11 includes the expectation that applicants are provided with timely notification regarding their status.  There are tools provided in VTHR that make this a quick and easy process.

Reject Applicant Quick Reference (pdf)
Applicant Follow Up (video)

Job Offer

The hiring manager uses the “Forward Applicant” action in VTHR to notify the HR Administrator to submit a formal offer letter to the candidate through VTHR.  The offer letter puts all of the other applicants in the job opening on hold, unless you have already updated their status to “not hired”.  After the candidate accepts the offer in the system, HR completes the hire process and the job opening is closed out.  The hiring manager does not take any further action regarding the status of the job opening – that is managed by HR.

Forward Applicant Quick Reference (pdf)
Forward Applicant (video)