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SuccessFactors Hiring Manager User Guide

September 8, 2022
File Format
3/25/2019 Update: Additional Information about candidate disposition and Candidate Statuses (Pages 23, 24 and 39)
10/10/2019 Update: Updated info on adding comments (Page 30)
4/7/2020 Update: Added directions for using Message Center to contact candidates (Pages 42-44)
7/10/2020 Update: Added addendum for creating a requisition for a temporary AOT position (Page 48)
7/20/2020 Update: Updated addendum for creating a temporary AOT position requisition with two remaining templates (Page 48)
3/22/2021 Update: Added addendum for managing candidates on the Family Services Worker child requisitions (Page 49)
3/24/2021 Update: Clarified instructions for multi-level recruitment (Page 14)
6/9/2021 Update: Added information about which "Not Selected" sub-statuses trigger email notifications to candidates and which do not (Page 37)
9/8/2022 Update: Updated instructions and new screenshots for new homepage and theme in SuccessFactors effective 9/9/2022
10/7/2022 Update: Removed AOT Temporary Requisitions process instructions from addendum- use standard template and process instead