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Access to Transparent and Open Government Information

The State of Vermont is committed to transparency and open government. Below find several links to an array of public information.

SPOTLIGHT on Financial Transparency SPOTLIGHT is the State of Vermont's financial transparency website, sponsored by the Agency of Administration, and maintained by the Department of Finance and Management. Financial transparency supports government accountability and allows citizens to see "Where the Money Comes From" that is used to operate state government and "Where the Money Goes." This site includes transparency links to Performance Management, the State Budget, Revenue, Expenditures, Contracts and Grants, and Financial and Audit Reports. This website meets our goals for easy access to data that keeps Vermonters informed.

SPOTLIGHT: The Vermont Strategic Plan and Dashboard  This link includes the State's strategic plan for 2018-2023 with dashboards for Economy, Affordability, Protecting the Most Vulnerable, and Government Transparency Government Modernization with key performance indicators for the Administration at Agency and Department levels.

SPOTLIGHT & Joint Fiscal Office: State Budget/Budget Documentation and Latest fiscal year (FY2019) budget. Additionally, links to the master budget on Spotlight and budget information found on the Joint Fiscal Office website.

SPOTLIGHT: Performance Data : As required by 32 V.S.A. §307 (c)(1), a Programmatic Performance Measures Budget is compiled annually and includes the individual Programmatic Performance Measure Budget submissions from agencies and departments.

Reports: Link to the Legislature's website on reports and research. This includes over 2,000 reports spanning 10 years produced by or submitted to the Legislature, most from agencies and departments of state government that report on core functions.