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In order to find your Human Resources (HR) Representatives (DHR Field Operations Team), click on the link for your department.   Locate a list of all DHR Field Operations Teams.

Administration (Secretary’s Office)
Attorney General
Auditor of Accounts

Buildings and General Services (BGS)

Children and Families (DCF)
Commerce and Community Development (ACCD)
Commission on Women
Criminal Justice Training Council

Defender General
Digital Services (ADS)
Disabilities, Aging and Independent Living (DAIL)

Economic, Housing and Community Development
Enhanched E911 Board
Environmental Conservation

Financial Regulation
Finance & Management
Fire Service Training Council
Fish & Wildlife
Forests, Parks & Recreation

Governor's Office
Green Mountain Care Board

Human Resources
Human Rights Commission
Human Services, Agency of (Central Office)

Judiciary Branch, Office of Court Administrator

Liquor Control

Mental Health
Motor Vehicles (DMV)

Natural Resources Board
Natural Resources (ANR Central Office)

Public Safety
Public Utilities Commission
Public Service Department

Secretary of State
State's Attorneys and Sheriffs

Tourism & Marketing (VDTM)
Transportation Board
Transportation (AOT)

Vermont Health Access (DVHA)
Vermont Labor Relations Board
Vermont Lottery Commission
Veterans Affairs
Vermont Veterans' Home

DHR Field Operations Teams

DHR Field Operations Main Office - 120 State Street-5th Floor, Montpelier, VT  05620-2505

Chris McConnell - Human Resources Director / 802-224-6726
Sara Jewett - Human Resources Administrator / 802-595-1050 (Public Utilities Commission, Liquor Control, Vermont Lottery Commission)

DHR Field Operations Team - 120 State Street, Montpelier

Providing Human Resource Services to:  Administration (Secretary's Office); Auditor's Office; Buildings and General Services; Commerce and Community Development; Digital Services, Finance & Management; Governor's Office; Human Resources; Labor; Libraries; Taxes.

Don Robbins - Human Resources Manager / 802-272-3422
Margaret Loftus - Human Resources Administrator / 802-793-3911 / (BGS, DHR, AUD, GOV, Lt. Gov., AOA, SOA)
Courtney Nelson - Human Resources Administrator /802-595-5310 / (ACCD, ADS, LIB)
Gloria Abbiati - Human Resources Administrator /802-828-2022/ (Labor, Tax, FIN & Mgmt., VOSHA Review)

DHR Field Operations Team - One National Life Drive, Montpelier

Providing Human Resource Services to: Agriculture; Environmental Conservation; Fish & Wildlife; Forests, Parks & Recreation;  Natural Resources Board; Natural Resources (ANR Central Office); Secretary of State; Attorney General; Public Service Department; Green Mountain Care Board; Financial Regulation.

Laurie Bouyea-Dumont - Human Resource Manager / 802-272-5903
Jane Modica - Human Resources Administrator / 802-249-4489 / (AG, AGO, ANR, NRB)
Barb Morway - Human Resources Administrator / 802- 249-4470 / ( ANR, NRB, GMCB)
Nancy Kirkland - Human Resources Administrator / 89 Main St., Montpelier / 802-828-1226 / (FIN REG)

DHR Field Operations Team - AHS Central Office - 280 State Drive, HC3 South, Waterbury

Providing Human Resource Services to: AHS Central Office, Corrections.

Valerie Nikel - AHS HR Ops  802-461-6030
Chris Cadorette  - Human Resources Administrator / 802-272-5249/ (DOC)
Christine Trombley Marsh - Human Resources Administrator / 802-461-3796/ (DOC, AHS CO)


AHS Administrative Unit - 280 State Drive, HC3 South, Waterbury

Providing Human Resource services to all AHS departments.  Processing Personnel Action Requests (PARs), posting vacancies on SOV job site, and answering general questions.

Terri Forrest - DHR Administrative Unit Supervisor / 802-241-0517 or 802-828-2842 (AHSCO, DVHA, DOC)
Susan Marino - Human Resources Administrator / 802-241-0519 (DCF- ESD & OCS, DOC-NWCF, NSCF & NERCF)
Darlene Brown - Human Resources Administrator / 802-241-0518 (DCF, DAIL)
Krista McNamara - Human Resources Administrator / 802-241-0520 (DMH, VDH)


DHR Field Operations Team - 280 State Drive, HC3 South, Waterbury

Providing Human Resource Services to: Children and Families (DCF); Disabilities, Aging and Independent Living (DAIL); Vermont Health Access (DVHA).

Juliette Anderson - Human Resources Manager / 802-498-5187
Brian Cash - Human Resources Administrator /802-793-2567/ (DCF/ESD, DAIL)
Patrick Farrell - Human Resources Administrator /802-793-3134/ (DCF/DDS, DCF/CDD, DCF/OEO, DCF/ISD, DCF/BO, DVHA)
Kelly Knowlton  - Human Resources Administrator / 802-461-7035/ (DCF/FSD, DCF/OCS)

DHR Field Operations Team - 108 Cherry Street, Burlington

Providing Human Resource Services to: Health; Mental Health; Human Rights Commission; Treasurer's Office; Vermont Commission on Women.

Kate Minall - Human Resources Manager / 802-595-9618
Tammie Ellison - Human Resources Administrator / 802-461-5306/ (Health, Mental Health (and VPCH), Treasurer's Office)
Kelly McCloskey - Human Resources Administrator / 802-522-3953/ (Health)

DHR Field Operations Team - 325 North Street, Bennington

Providing Human Resource Services to: Vermont Veterans' Home.

Tonya Goodell - Human Resources Administrator / 802-447-6555 / (VVH)
Joyce Santacross - Human Resources Administrator / 802-447-6535 / (VVH)

DHR Field Operations Team - One National Life Drive, Montpelier

Providing Human Resource Services to:  Education; Transportation (incl. DMV)); Transportation Board.

Heidi Dimick - Human Resource Manager / 802-828-4612 or  802-505-8412
Anna Firliet - Human Resources Administrator / 802-828-3412 / (AOT, DMV)
Cheryl Blake - Human Resources Administrator / 802-828-0194 / (AOT)
Mary Hannigan - Human Resources Administrator / 802-828-1129  or 802-479-1746 / (AOT, DMV, AOE)
Jennifer Cliche - Human Resources Administrator / 802-828-4603

DHR Field Operations Team - 45 State Drive, Waterbury

Providing Human Resource Services to:  E-911 Board; Public Safety; Military; Criminal Justice Training Council.

Sarah Adams - Human Resources Manager / 802-522-4974
Roxanne Royce - Human Resources Administrator / 802-595-1113
Amanda Meredith - Human Resources Administrator / 802-793-0370

DHR Field Operations Team - 120 State Street, Montpelier

Providing Human Resource Services to: Fire Service Training Council; Human Rights Commission; Lottery Commission; Treasurer's Office; Vermont Commission on Women; Labor Relations Board.

Chris McConnell - Small Department HR Unit Coordinator / 802-224-6726



Court Administrator (Judicial) ( - 111 State Street, Montpelier 
John McGlynn  / 802-828-4776

Defender General ( - 6 Baldwin Street, Montpelier 
Mary Deaett  / 802-828-3168

Joint Fiscal Office (  - 1 Baldwin Street, Montpelier 
Rebecca Buck / 802-828-2295

Legislative Council ( - 115 State Street, Montpelier 
Mike Ferrant / 802-828-2271

State's Attorneys and Sheriffs ( - 12 Baldwin Street, Montpelier 
Barbara Bernardini / 802-828-2891