Public Records Requests

The State of Vermont is committed to transparency and open government.  The public has a right to review the actions of governmental officials, and many State documents are available to everyone.  Individuals also have a right to privacy, and the Department of Human Resources retains significant “personal” information that may be exempt from production.

Access to public records is governed by the public records law.  See generally, 1 V.S.A. § 315 et. seq.  Gathering public records can require significant resources, and the production of documents can result in substantial related charges.  We encourage all individuals who want public records to engage the Department in constructive dialogue, so we can best satisfy any inquiry, without unnecessarily expending taxpayer-funded time or resources.

To submit a public records request to the Department of Human Resources, please email DHR Records Officer, or mail a letter to address below.

We appreciate your interest, and look forward to serving you.