New Recruitment System - For Hiring Managers

Desired Outcomes/Success Factors:

Through managers’ eyes, this project will be successful when:

  • Managers adopt the new system and see it as a valuable resource
  • Managers have ongoing information at their fingertips including Reports and Analytics
  • Average Time to Hire is less than 70 days (current strategic metric)
  • High quality candidates are forwarded for review

Change Impacts:

Manager and Supervisors, Admins for Hiring Managers and Infrequent Users will experience significant changes from the new system. They will initiate new job requisitions in the system but this should be more streamlined for them with minimal information needed. They will not get “routed lists” but will get screened resumes in a review “bucket.” Other changes will include a dashboard to show “aging” of requisitions and items to act on. There will also be a new process of offer creation and presentation will be through the system.

As part of our new business process, the system will facilitate a simpler way to keep up to date with candidate disposition and communication. The Talent Acquisition team will stress the importance of leveraging the tool to ensure a great candidate experience.

These roles will also see new approval workflows and have distinct roles in the system between the actual hiring manager and admins who perform work in the system on behalf of the hiring manager.

There will be differences in between these three groups in the scope of training, testing and communication.

For Approving Authorities & Delegates, the change will be small but significant. With the new system, they will not be part of the job requisition approval workflow. Instead, they will receive notification of a new requisition and approval will go forward unless they have an objection.  This change is based on current practices in which most approvers have already approved the recruitment before a new requisition is submitted in the system.  We anticipate they will find this change positive because they don’t actively need to go into the system to approve and it will keep the approval process moving on the critical path more smoothly.