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About the Department


The mission of Department of Human Resources is to provide leadership to and work in partnership with other departments within State Government in order to promote managerial and workforce excellence while fostering an understanding and observance of regulatory requirements.

Our Work

The principal goal of Department of Human Resources is to support State Government as it attracts, retains, and rewards a talented and diverse workforce with the skills necessary for Agencies and Departments to meet their organizations' objectives in an efficient and cost effective manner. The Department adds value to State Government by providing a variety of human resource management tools;

  •  Executing strategy
  •  Building management infrastructure
  •  Promoting employee development and, managing transition and change.

We consult and work in partnership with management, our primary customers, to solve people-related business issues. Further, we develop programs and policies to build the capabilities of our employees enabling them to perform their current jobs and prepare for the future challenges that may face the organization. To accomplish these goals, there are three roles within which the Department  assumes a leadership position:

  1. Strategic Partner: Aligns Human Resource strategies and practices with organizational goals and priorities and the delivery of services to the citizens of Vermont.
  2. Organization Consultant: Helps State Government build capacity for change. Concerned with identifying new behaviors that will support the accomplishment of the organization's mission and goals.
  3. Administrative Expert: Concerned with designing and delivering HR processes and providing key management information.

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