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Compliance and Reporting



Our focus is on evaluating and improving DHR practices, operations, and systems so that they deliver information to departments and agencies which they need to comply with federal and state laws and regulations.  The Affordable Care Act has led to many system changes and queries. For more detailed information, please visit our ACA information page.



We assist State employees who need to access information about the state’s workforce in order to perform their day-to-day tasks.  This includes department management, business managers, supervisors, human resources field staff, finance staff and others.

Accessing Reports

The VTHR system uses Query Viewer (QV) to provide employees with self-serve access to a pre-determined set of queries.   Once you log into VTHR, you can navigate to Query Viewer:

Go to Main Menu – Reporting Tools – Query – Query Viewer

Go to Main Menu – Reporting Tools – Query – Query Viewer

Requesting New Reports

If you have run the list of queries available to you and are still not able to get the information you need, you can email the DHR Reporting team general email box. We will either direct you to an existing query, or develop a new query to meet your needs.