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Biometric Screenings & Wellness Coaching

Health Assessment

Following the initial setup of your profile on the LiveWell Vermont Wellness Portal, it is recommended that you complete the health assessment (HA) found under the “Health” tab on the dashboard/homepage.  The HA is a series of questions pertaining to your health, diet, fitness and lifestyle. This survey will help track your current health, identify any health-related risk factors, and create a baseline report from which to measure your improvement and success. The HA is approximately 40 questions in length and takes between 10-15 minutes to complete. You can submit and update the assessment at any time.

Important to note:

National Life Biometric Screening on 6/11/18 has been cancelled due to the recent fire and ensuing water damage.

The BCBSVT Integrated Health Case Management Consultations has also been cancelled.

The location for the National Life Biometric screening on 7/9/18 has been moved to the Calvin Coolidge Room on the 6th Floor.

Please contact DHR.LiveWellVermont@vermont.gov or call 802-828-7308 with questions or to reschedule.

2018 Overall Biometric Screening Schedule

2018 Central VT Biometric Screening Schedule

2018 Northern VT Biometric Screening Schedule

2018 Southern VT Biometric Screening Schedule

In 2018, completion of one biometric screening will earn eligible permanent active employees 30 points towards completion of the Wellness: Your Way Incentive Program!

Screenings are held at worksites regionally for active and retired state employees.  All information is confidential. Screenings are designed to support your overall health and are not meant to replace recommended visits or screening tests through your primary care provider. Screenings include the following:

  • Blood pressure
  • Non-fasting blood sugar
  • Total & HDL cholesterol
  • Provision of referrals and educational resources

 How do you sign-up for a biometric screening?

  1. Create a new user account on the wellness portal or login to your account.
  2. Complete your online health assessment (HA).
  3. 2018 Biometric screenings are now scheduled from May through August at State Worksites.  Visit the "Event Registration" page under the "Community" tab on your dashboard to see our current schedule!
  4. Email questions or requests to: dhr.livewellvermont@vermont.gov or call us at 802-828-7308. 
Wellness Coaching



  • A partnership that SUPPORTS and GUIDES you in defining, creating and achieving your best self.
  • Focuses on your strengths and positivity.
  • Areas of focus may include: Nutrition, Fitness, Stress Management, Weight Management and Work/Life Balance


Initial Coaching Session: (30-45 minutes in length)

During these sessions, you will get to know your coach and define your long-term vision of health and wellness. You will decide on a plan and set achievable goals to focus on between sessions.

Follow Up Coaching sessions: (15-30 minutes)

During these sessions, you will check in with your coach to review your goals and progress, identify and celebrate your successes and brainstorm how to overcome obstacles. Sessions will conclude with defining short-term goals to help you move towards success.