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Step 6 - Preparing for New Hire

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Coordinate Appropriate Resources

Supervisors must coordinate with the appropriate Department/Agency personnel to ensure that their new employee has the proper access and equipment to begin work on their first day. The following actions should be initiated as soon as your employee accepts the offer of employment.

  • Personnel Action Request (PAR) If applicable: For new hire/transfer (Important note: PAR/Manage Hire process should take place at least 10 days prior to start date!)
  • Work location: Inspect the work location for basics such as desk, chair, computer and waste basket. If there are missing items coordinate with your administrative coordinator or business office to assist in the acquisition of furniture.
  • Job Expectations: Prepare a list of job expectations with an explanation of how this position ties back to the state’s strategic priorities. State of Vermont Strategic Plan. Governor’s Strategic Priorities.
  • Building Access: Request keys if applicable. Start the paperwork for badge access.
  • User Access Request: Prepare a request form for IT access to the necessary application, network folders, SharePoint sites and email account. Requesting this well in advance of start date will result in your new employee’s ability to review online policies, take online classes, and receive email on their first day.
    • Special IT requests should be requested at this time as well
      • Special software applications (this may require license purchase)
      • Access to networked fax machines and printers
      • Specialized IT equipment necessary for the position
  • Phone: Order or reallocation of a cell or desk phone.
Send New Hire Announcement

Prepare a new hire announcement so that other employees/departments are aware and can join you in welcoming the employee. Send your message to the appropriate department representative to send out an announcement.

Below is a sample e-mail communication:

On <start date>, <Employee Name> will be joining us in the position of <Position Title>. In this role, he/she will be responsible for <list some key duties>. <Brief overview of background and experience if appropriate>.

Please help us welcome <Employee’s Name>!