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SOV Hiring and Onboarding Guide

Welcome to our New Onboarding Guide!

The State of Vermont is embarking on a five-year strategic plan. As part of this effort, some of the Agency of Administration’s goals are: increased productivity, employee engagement, retention and supporting a culture of continuous improvement.

In order to achieve those goals we are implementing a statewide employee onboarding process that includes New Employee Orientation, standardized training courses, professional development pathways and key communication points for managers to check in with their new hires.

We have developed a Toolkit that will Simply and Effectively take Managers AND their new hires through the First 180 Days and beyond. Part of that toolkit is this dedicated area on the DHR Website that is a "one-stop shop” for Hiring Managers to reference as a “roadmap” to onboarding. Additionally, there will be other resources as listed below:

  • PDF version of  Hiring and Onboarding Guide (pdf)
  • A Dedicated Area on DHR Website that is a “one-stop shop” for New Hires to reference (I just accepted an offer, what happens next?) 
  • Standardized Statewide Training Curriculums that will focus on Legal and Cultural Issues
  • Planning Resources for Checklists, Timeline Guide, Sample Schedules for the first day, week, month(s)
  • Tools for Interviewing to assure a Quality Hire (Better Retention and Engagement)

You can find a helpful checklist that will take you through all the steps outlined in this guide.

Here is a short video to take you through the onboarding steps:

Hiring and Onboarding Web Guide