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Photo containing person holding box of vegetables in field with text "Vary your Veggies"


How do you know if you’re eating a healthy balance of all of the important nutrients? (and no, we aren’t talking about taking your multivitamins!) One giant clue that nature hands us on a silver platter is COLORS! Eating a rainbow of different fruits and veggies is an important piece to help ensure that we’re meeting all of our nutrition needs. During this challenge, join us to bring some diversity to your diet and Vary your Veggies, and as an added bonus, we’re going to focus on expanding our usual palate and trying some new veggies.

Create your account at and sign up under the Challenges page.

Register: July 1- July 15
Challenge: July 11 - Aug 5

Your goal is to track how many different colors of vegetables you consumed each day.
To support you in including vegetables from all of the color groups, join us on Teams on Thursday mornings to meet a Vegetable of the Week and learn how to make a recipe for it! Then, show us how YOU used veggies that week! Take a photo of any dish featuring a vegetable from the Color of the Week and email it to us to be entered to win a weekly prize!
Questions? Contact the LiveWell Vermont team at