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Job Specification Details

PDG Data Analyst

Job Code 284600
Pay Plan Classified
Pay Grade 25
Occupational Category Information Technology and Statistics
Effective Date 07/30/2024
Class Definition

Analytical, administrative, research, and evaluation work at a professional level. Performs the analysis, collection, and submission of data. Designs, analyzes, and coordinates complex research projects in collaboration with research partners in State or external agencies. Possesses technological skills to allow for the integration of multiple data sources to review and develop queries to support a wide spectrum of partner and agency operations. Issues involved are frequently of a confidential, sensitive, even controversial, nature. Duties are performed under the direction of the Data Manager and the Executive Director.

Examples of Work

Collect, analyze, share, and use data, which includes using a Continuous Improvement lens to monitor data practices. Participate in meetings with the Racial Justice Statistics Advisory Council and the VECAP  Data and Evaluation Committee. Attend meetings of other Boards, Committees, Commissions, and Councils as needed. Develop strategies to link data across sectors and data collection repositories. Support the evaluation of program activities. Conduct data discovery of large and disparate data; reveal additional source data systems, analysis methods, and reporting requirements. Maintain education/training on appropriate protocols in analyzing data and reaching accurate conclusions. Ensure data integrity, provide analysis of incoming data, develop and manage ad hoc reports using a variety of reporting and analysis tools used for program definition. Sift and evaluate data using technology to find information and other strategic opportunities to advance equity through State and local policy. Serve as the data liaison to internal and external groups as assigned. Help ensure that federal and other statistical reporting requirements are met. Provide support for program and administrative planning and budgeting to program managers through data analysis.  Perform related work as required.

Environmental Factors

Duties are performed largely in an office setting, with some in-state travel required. Incumbents are required to have access to reliable transportation for occasional travel within the state. Some work outside of the normal work schedule or overtime duty may be required. Strong differences of opinion and emotionally charged situations may be encountered.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

This position will bring an equity lens to all aspects of research and policy analysis, which will require:

Demonstrated expertise in data collection and data analysis.  Ability to acquire, organize, and interpret large amounts of data.

Solid ability to effectively communicate complex concepts and analyses to diverse audiences through clear and accurate reports and other communication methods.

Extensive knowledge of the data management lifecycle, including data collection, maintenance, and analysis.

Working knowledge of best practices for the collection, analysis, sharing, and use of data, which includes using a Continuous Improvement lens to monitor data practices.

Ability to analyze complex activities, relationships, and situations; identify problems; draw logical conclusions; and develop and defend independent recommendations.

Knowledge and ability to apply equity principles to traditional research methods while ensuring a high level of analytical rigor.

Ability to develop complex queries to summarize and aggregate data sources and integrate large amounts of disparate data as well as review these queries with an eye for accuracy.

Knowledge of program evaluation instruments, procedures, and techniques.

Minimum Qualifications

Associate’s degree or higher in data science, public administration, statistics, library sciences, or related field AND four (4) or more years of experience in statistical analysis, data science or analysis, or related field.


Six (6) or more years of experience in statistical analysis, data science or analysis, business database management, library sciences, or related field.

Preferred Qualifications

Professional or volunteer experience in a field related to equity, social justice, diversity, or inclusion.

Special Requirements