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Job Specification Details

Motor Vehicle Inspector

Job Code 634000
Pay Plan Classified
Pay Grade 26
Occupational Category Protective Services
Effective Date 09/12/2021
Class Definition

This law enforcement position performs field inspections and technical investigations relevant to criminal and regulatory activity for the Department of Motor Vehicles.  This includes enforcement of federal and state vehicle laws and regulations.  This position specifically focuses on both a variety of criminal and regulatory laws pertaining to licensed motor vehicle inspection stations, mechanics, dealers, and on the commercial motor vehicles and their drivers traveling our highways.  Duties involve the gathering and analysis of evidence, interviewing witnesses and suspects for possible prosecution or through uniform commercial motor vehicle enforcement.  Duties are performed in an assigned region and/or statewide.  Work is performed under the supervision of the Motor Vehicle Inspector Supervisor.

Examples of Work

This position has two very distinct roles within this class, the uniform Motor Vehicle Inspector, and the Detective Motor Vehicle Inspector.  An employee in this class may serve in either role.

The Detective Motor Vehicle Inspector regulates, monitors, audits and investigates specialized criminal and/or regulatory activities relating to licensing, registration and title fraud, dealer and inspection regulations, and provides general law enforcement support services to include the State’s Total Abstinence Program.  Coordinates enforcement actions with other Divisions, Departments, and Agencies at the local, state, or federal level.  As appropriate, utilizes a variety of investigative techniques including interviewing witnesses, accessing various industry and investigative databases, examining, and analyzing various documents, gathering, and preserving evidence.  At the conclusion of the investigation, must submit an investigative report supporting criminal action and/or a recommendation for possible administrative penalties, license or application revocation/denial, Vermont Civil Violation Complaints, warnings or other.  Independently develops strategic methods of resolution by analyzing the evidence obtained and determining a finding for recommendation.  Assists prosecutors in preparing witnesses for trial, hearings, or depositions in addition to providing testimony at hearings, depositions, and trials. Provides educational outreach to the inspection and dealer industry specific to the criminal and regulatory laws that affect them, as well as on DMV procedures, licensing requirements, technical support on inspection hardware/software, and other programmatic requirements.  Performs related work as required.

The uniform Motor Vehicle Inspector performs field inspections at a fixed site or at roadside on commercial motor vehicles, drivers, and carriers for compliance with federal and state commercial motor vehicle laws and regulations. These inspections and investigations include hazardous or radioactive materials; inspection of safety components; enforcing size and weight requirements; testing exhaust emissions; extracting fuel samples for compliance testing; collecting registration fees and more. Enforces motor vehicle law through traffic enforcement on state roads and highways. Issues warnings and citations for motor vehicle violations, both general and commercial. Conducts compliance reviews on the operations of Vermont-based motor carriers.  Assists prosecutors in preparing witnesses for trial, hearings, or depositions in addition to providing testimony at hearings, depositions, and trials.  Conducts informational and instructional meetings regarding commercial vehicle rules, regulations, and statutes with industry representatives, carriers, and other law enforcement personnel.  Assists state and local police.  Performs related work as required.

Environmental Factors

Duties are performed in the field, both in and out of a motor vehicle during an assigned shift under all types of climatic conditions. Incumbents must be able to carry and place portable scales weighing 35 lbs. or more under trucks as well as load and unload, with a winch, semi-portable scales weighing up to 1,300 pounds from trailers. Duties may require early morning, evening, night, weekend, or other irregular or overtime duty hours.  Exposure to danger may occur during pursuit and apprehension of violators, handling hazardous materials, and working around large trucks and pieces of equipment.  Attendance at meetings, court hearings, and seminars may be required.  The Incumbent is a Vermont certified full-time law enforcement officer and is armed and drives a fully equipped police type vehicle.  Threats of varying types and severity are possible. 

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Considerable knowledge of motor vehicle and commercial vehicle laws, including dealer, inspection and emission requirements, the Automated Vehicle Inspection Program (AVIP), vehicle registration and titling, purchase and use tax, size/weight, and licensing of operators.

Considerable knowledge to interpret and explain all aspects of motor vehicle law, the Vermont Periodic Inspection Manual (VPIM), Dealers Guide, as well as AVIP rules and procedures; automotive sales and the I/M industry.

Considerable knowledge of DMV related rules, regulations, policies, and procedures.

Considerable knowledge of documents and other sources of evidence to identify motor vehicles, owners, and operators; motor vehicle manufacturers' model designations, vehicle identification numbers (VIN) and motor vehicle mechanical/technical ability.

Considerable knowledge of modern law enforcement practices, procedures, and investigative techniques; to include collection and preservation of evidence and interviewing.

Working knowledge of computers and related software to include having the ability to gather, analyze and interpret data.

Ability to interpret and explain motor vehicle laws, regulations, and procedures to industry, the public and other external parties. 

Ability to operate cameras, recorders, computers, tablets, and other digital equipment.

Ability to preserve the confidentially of information.

Ability to prepare clear, concise reports, affidavits, and statements in a timely fashion.

Ability to meet, communicate and interact with the public in stressful situations.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships.

Ability to operate skillfully a motor vehicle and various special tools and equipment in performance of duties.

Ability to work effectively under rigid time constraints.

Ability to plan, organize, and set priorities to carry out work of a technical nature.
Ability to work independently.

Ability to maintain a Vermont full-time law enforcement officer certification.

Minimum Qualifications

High school diploma AND three (3) years in law enforcement experience.

Note: Candidate must be a full-time certified Vermont law enforcement officer at time of hire. 

Note: A current valid driver's license is required.

Preferred Qualifications

Background in automotive diagnostics and repair.

Special Requirements

Mental and physical condition appropriate to successfully perform, with or without reasonable accommodation, the essential job functions.

In accordance with Title 23, Section 102(d), an applicant must agree to and pass a background investigation to be eligible for this position. The background investigation may include criminal and traffic records checks. Hiring managers will notify applicants who are in the final stage of the interview process of the background check requirement, to which an applicant must agree to be deemed eligible for this position. Applicant will have the right to withdraw their applications before a background investigation is conducted.

Applicants are required to take or submit to a polygraph examination per Title 21, Section 494(b)(1).


This position is Group "C" retirement with mandatory retirement at age 57.