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Job Specification Details

PSAP Emergency Communications Dispatcher II

Job Code 914300
Pay Plan Classified
Pay Grade 23
Occupational Category Protective Services
Effective Date 07/23/2017
Class Definition

Emergency dispatching, E-911 call taking, public information, and records management work for the Department of Public Safety involving the operation of radio, telephone, computerized and electronic communications equipment at one of the Communication Centers (PSAP). Incumbents are assigned to particular shifts and may have to work rotating shifts. An incumbent may also provide functional supervision and training of new employees and may act as shift supervisor in the Supervisor's absence. Work is performed under the general supervision of the PSAP Administrator.

Work is distinguished from the level one in this series by the ability to work with complete independence, ability to train new dispatchers and the expectation of full competency in all dispatcher duties and a complete understanding of all State of Vermont dispatcher rules and regulations. Incumbents must meet these expectations to be considered for the II level Dispatcher.

Examples of Work

Responsible for ensuring the safety of all law enforcement personnel performing their duties within a given area of responsibility, including Vermont State Police personnel, local police officers, county sheriffs, State Game Wardens, Department of Motor Vehicle Inspectors, Liquor Investigators, emergency service providers and other law enforcement personnel working in the area. Ensures the safety of the public by promptly and appropriately responding to their calls for service. Prioritizes calls, gathers information and relays information to responders and documents the event. Remains aware of the changing nature of incidents in progress and communicates pertinent information effectively to responding personnel. Prioritizes information and coordinates initial responses to various incidents while locating and notifying additional resources as necessary. Is familiar with police procedures and recognizes and responds appropriately to changing circumstances. Remains aware of officer safety issues, and public safety issues at all times during a call. Manages callers, who are often in distress, in order to obtain all necessary information and provide instruction. Obtains, interprets, and communicates relevant law enforcement and emergency services information from a variety of sources. Obtains pertinent information from the general public regarding criminal activity, public safety issues, fire and emergency medical situations and quickly and accurately communicates the information to the appropriate personnel or agency. Provides one-on-one on-the-job training, and functional supervision, of new employees, manages their instruction and monitors their performance. Responsible for law enforcement records management including arrest warrants and NCIC transactions. Performs related duties as required.

Environmental Factors

Due to the nature of this work, candidates with 100% loss of sight, hearing ability, or with major speech impediments will not be considered. Eligibility determination of candidates with a less severe disability will be made on an individual basis. Incumbents must be able to function under stress and be able to work rotating shifts when required. This is a front line position for the Department of Public Safety. It is a demanding position and based on the needs of the department, mandatory overtime may be necessary.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Must demonstrate typing proficiency.

Ability to maintain composure and make appropriate decisions when reacting to a variety of situations which may endanger the safety of persons or property.

Ability to speak clearly so that it Is understandable to a listener.

Ability to quickly make sense of information that seems to be without meaning or organization.

Ability to concentrate and not be distracted while performing a task over a period of time.

Ability to determine priorities among simultaneous requests and messages.

Ability quickly and accurately to transcribe radio and telephone messages.

Ability to perform assigned duties with minimal supervision.

Ability to meet and deal with the public.

Ability to remember details.

Ability to learn new procedures and adapt existing ones to new situations.

Ability to operate various software and computers.

Ability to operate 2 way radio and other communication systems.

Ability to train new dispatchers effectively.

Ability to work independently.

Ability to follow oral and written instructions.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships.

Working knowledge of English grammar, usage and spelling.

Minimum Qualifications

High School diploma or equivalent AND two (2) years or more of experience as a permanent PSAP dispatcher for the State of Vermont with demonstrated expertise and full competency in all dispatcher duties.

Preferred Qualifications
Special Requirements

Applicants must pass a Department of Public Safety administered computer based "CritiCall" test, which assesses computer and other job related skills.