State’s online job application system unaffected by JobLink security breach

23 March 2017

Recent news stories regarding the data breach of America’s JobLink Alliance system earlier this week have included statements such as: using the JobLink Alliance website is “a must for people applying for a state job” and the system is “a service used by anyone applying for a state job.”  The Vermont Department of Human Resources would like to clarify that the recent data breach on America’s JobLink Alliance system did not include a breach of data on the State’s online job application system, known as VTHR.  Individuals applying for State jobs do so through the VTHR system, not the JobLink Alliance/Vermont JobLink system.  No personal information stored in the VTHR system would have been reachable by the data breach on the America’s JobLink Alliance system, as Vermont JobLink and VTHR are separate systems which do not share data.  Individuals using the JobLink Alliance system may have seen/clicked on a State job posting on the JobLink website but would have been redirected to the State’s VTHR system to apply for the job. The Department of Human Resources would like to assure job applicants that the personal information they entered into the VTHR system when applying for a State job remains secure and was unaffected by the data breach on the JobLink Alliance system