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The purpose of the Hire-Into-Range policy is to provide for exceptions to the compensation plan for the initial hiring of certain individuals. Step 1 of the relevant pay grade is the normal hiring rate for most positions. At times there may be a compelling reason to make an exception to the basic principle that employees are hired at the entry rate established for the job. These compelling reasons can include:

  • There is a shortage of qualified applicants for the position.
  • A candidate has special qualifications, training, or experience that while are not necessarily a requirement of the job, have some unique value to the organization.
  • A candidate possesses exceptional and outstanding qualifications that exceed those of other applicants and to such an extent that not hiring that particular employee will be detrimental to the State.
  • The Department of Human Resources must approve a request in advance of any salary offer to an applicant.
  • Hire-into-range does not apply to current employees; or those employees formerly on leave from classified service employed in an "exempt" capacity and returning to a classified position; or those employees who are returning within two (2) years of a break in service.
  • An employee hired-into-range is not eligible for an end-of-probation increase.
General Steps for Hire-Into-Range Requests
  1. Carefully read Hire-Into-Range, Policy Number 12.2.
  2. Complete a Request for Hire-Into-Range Form.
  3. Attach all required documentation as outlined in Hire-Into-Range, Policy Number 12.2.