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Workshops & Classes

Take a workshop at a state worksite through LiveWell Vermont, InvestEAP, a community site with one of LiveWell Vermont's Partners or take an on-line workshop. You can earn point by completing one of these under the Wellness: Your Way 2018 Incentive Program. Each workshop has a designated point value.  Once you complete it, don't forget to log back in to the Incentive Summary Page and complete the survey to earn your points. Some workshops will be offered throughout the incentive year; others will only be offered during a specific trimester and must be completed within that trimester for the points to count.

LiveWell Vermont retains the right to audit for accuracy of information. Incentive payments may be delayed or witheld for inaccurate or false information.  

EAP Workshop: Learn skills to better manage your stress by participating in an EAP workshop scheduled at a State worksite. Permission to attend and use of work/leave time must be coordinated with supervisor. Workshops will be scheduled at state worksites.  Current schedule will be posted on LiveWell Vermont Home Page and you will be able to register on the Event Registration Page.  If you need assistance, please call 802-828-7308 or email: DHR.LiveWellVermont@vermont.gov

Helping Yourself to Health Workshop: Build skills to better manage your health condition by participating in a free workshop for each of six Self-Management Programs: Diabetes Prevention, Diabetes Management, Chronic Disease, Chronic Pain Management, Emotional Wellness and Quitting Smoking.

Integrated Health Program: Participate in a BCBSVT Integrated Health (IH) Program through self-referral or when an IH Team member contacts you. (i.e. Enroll in Better Beginnings; coordinate with a case manager on complex medical issues, substance abuse, or your acute, chronic or rare health conditions.

Smart About Money On-line Course: Choose from a broad range of financial topics in these 45-minute on-line courses. Learn what you need to make positive and sound decisions to reach your financial goals.

Arthritis Workshop: Learn how to better treat and manage osteo and rheumatoid arthritis through this one-week workshop

Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Workshop: Gain a better understanding of heart disease though this four-week workshop.

Exercise Workshop: Establish better exercise habits through this six-week workshop.

Osteoporosis Workshop: Learn how to treat and better manage osteoporosis through this one-week workshop.

Personal Goal Setting: Learn how to identify and commit to important behavior change goals in this three-week workshop.

Smoking Cessation Workshop: Understand the risks of smoking and take steps to quit in this four-week workshop.

Understanding Back Pain Workshop: Learn about back pain and treatment options in this two-week workshop.

Workshops Offered through LiveWell Vermont:

Workshops are designed to support all participants in identifying and reaching their health and wellness goals.  LiveWell Vermont classes and workshops may focus on a different component of living a healthy lifestyle including, but not limited to: physical activity; healthy eating and realistic nutrition techniques; relaxation and stress management; and goal setting. Classes may involve some gentle movement and group discussion. Examples below can stand-alone or be combined.  We are happy to work with your department or unit to customize a workshop that meets your needs. Examples of unique workshops are listed below.  These may be done stand alone or in combination. Contact us at 802-828-7308 or by email at DHR.LiveWellVermont@vermont.gov with questions or requests.

Mid-Day Mindful Breaks

45-minute sessions that provide participants the tools needed to manage the stressors from personal life and the workplace, and education on how to live life to the fullest, both mentally and physically. Sessions topics  include, but are not limited to:

  • Mindful Movement: Stretch & Relax
  • Nutrition for Stress Management
  • Relaxation Techniques for Decreased Stress & Improved Sleep
  • Creating Your Wellness Plan

Fitness Breaks

Take a break to rejuvenate your body. Get your blood flowing, recharge those batteries and improve your health in the meantime!

Nutrition Information Sessions

Learn how the energy of life enters your body each day through nutrition. You’ll learn nutrition strategies to optimize your health, maintain energy throughout your day, and get you feeling at your best.

Staff Retreats

Is your worksite planning to hold a staff retreat? Would you be interested in integrating health and wellness activities into your day? If so, the LiveWell Vermont wellness staff may be available to present at your event! Contact us with your date and let us know your wellness topic of interest. We'll take it from there!

Educational resouces available through collaborative partners such as:

- BCBSVT Integrative Health Programs

- Vermont Helping Your Self to Health Programs

- InvestEAP: SOV General Password:VTEAP

- VT State Treasurer's Office: Financial Literacy

  -Smart About Money Online Courses

- PMA Resource Now

Check out the 2016 and 2017 LiveWell State Employee Healthy Recipe Books!