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User Access

VTHR General Information:

VTHR is a multifaceted system the State utilizes to process hires, track employee movement, create payroll and house data necessary for Federal and State reporting.

Who Needs Access and Why?

  • All active State employees are granted access upon hire to Employee Self Service (ESS). ESS allows employees to view/update personal information, pay and tax information; in addition to timesheet entry and benefits enrollment.
  • Additional access can be requested based on an employee’s position and/or job duties as assigned.  please see Universal Role Descriptions VTHR 9.1 to learn of the different commonly used roles in VTHR.

Expectations for Users with Enhanced Access:

The VTHR database contains confidential employee information and is regulated by Policy 5.5, employees will only access information for a legitimate business need.  Users with enhanced access understand:

  • State employee information and confidentiality policies, including, but not limited to, sharing or disclosing VTHR information in any manner or for any purpose that is not specifically required for the performance of official duties.
  • VTHR information accessed is stored in a secure manner that reasonably protects it from unauthorized access.
  • Use of any VTHR information for personal benefit or for the unauthorized benefit of any person or entity is prohibited.
  • Users will not share assigned login or password without express written direction from the Department of Human Resources, and understand that unauthorized disclosure will result in immediate revocation of system access.
  • Violating the States conduct or confidentiality policies and/or compromising the security of VTHR may result in disciplinary or corrective action, up to and including dismissal from employment.