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Step 4 - Interview

Pre Hire Label

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Planning and Preparation

DHR strongly recommends that interviews be structured and conducted by an interview panel, as this is more reliable, valid, predictive of future success, and legally defensible in the event of a subsequent legal challenge to the recruitment process by an unsuccessful applicant. It should be made clear to all panel members what is expected of them and how the hiring decision is going to be made (i.e. consensus, consultation, ranking, majority, or some other means.)

  • A structured interview is a preplanned series of job-related questions that help you gather more information about the candidate’s skills. The same questions are asked of each candidate, the same panel is used to interview each candidate, detailed notes are taken, and responses to questions are evaluated and ranked.
  • An interview panel is generally comprised of three members. It should be diverse and have a predetermined chairperson (generally the hiring manager or supervisor for the position).

Interview questions should be prepared well before the interview and must be job-related. It is important that they be tailored to evaluate the candidate’s fit with the job requirements. A review of the position description and overview is crucial to developing the right interview questions and evaluating how the candidate may perform in the job.

There is a wealth of information on interviewing in the interviewing section of our website. Your Talent Acquisition Specialist is also available for consultation. Finally, the Talent Acquisition team offers regular Interviewing and Hiring classes as well as customized on-site classes for Departments.