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Step 3 - Screening

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Viewing Applicants

Once the position has been posted and the application deadline has passed (at minimum 10 business days), you will begin to see candidates appearing in the “Hiring Manager Review” status. When they are in this status, this means that Talent Acquisition has performed an initial screening and determined that the candidate has met the minimum qualifications. If you used the VTHR system in the past there is a major change here: You will not receive a “routed list” of candidates through email. Candidates will be moved forward through the system for your review as they apply and are reviewed by Talent Acquisition, and you will be notified in your SuccessFactors dashboard of new candidates for your review. Note: You can view candidates in “Recruitment Review” Status, but you cannot take any action on them (contact, interview, etc.) until they are moved into Hiring Manager Review status.

To view applicants, log in to SuccessFactors and click the “Recruiting” Tile on your dashboard or select “Recruiting” from the dropdown menu that says “Home” to the right of the Vermont logo to see all your open positions. You can then select the position for which you would like to review candidates. Once you have reviewed them, you may sub-categorize them within the hiring manager review status, reject them or move them forward in the process (interview status.) Any candidate you are not moving forward with should immediately be put in the “Not Selected” status so they are notified in a timely manner.


The Success Factors system and/or the Talent Acquisition Team will screen out any of the applicants who clearly did not meet the minimum qualifications for the job. However, the hiring supervisor will need to confirm that the remaining candidates meet the minimum qualifications of the job.
At this point, you will determine the additional criteria that you will use for screening/ranking the rest of the applicants. To help you determine any additional criteria, you may wish to review the preferred qualifications specified in the job description, and of course any additional qualificatiations you may have included in your job posting.

Consider the qualities, skills and/or education that might make a candidate a good fit for the job, and what is required for the job versus trainable. This will help you and the interview team in reviewing the applications and determining your top applicants you wish to interview.
It is important that you and the interview team keep notes and document these criteria, so you can justify what sets your top candidate(s) apart from the others. If any information is missing, or you have any questions on a candidate while reviewing their application, you will want to note this, so you can bring it up at the appropriate time. All application review screening/ranking notes become part of the official hiring file and may be requested if a hiring decision is grieved; this file needs to be kept by the hiring manager for seven years following the recruitment.