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DHR Divisions


The division includes the following enumerated programs/functions: Classification and Position Management, Benefits and Wellness, Workforce Analysis and Reporting, Compensation, and Recruitment.

Benefits and Wellness

Benefits: Manages and administers benefit programs for over 24,000 employees, retirees and their eligible dependents, including health plans options, dental insurance, life insurance, an employee assistance program, and a flexible spending account program for qualifying medical expenses and dependent care. Monitors state and federal health care legislation and takes all steps necessary to prepare for future changes.

Wellness:  Works to improve employee health outcomes by providing information, education, support and coaching to create behavioral change. Wellness team members also provide prevention services to over one-third of the state’s workforce, including the flu immunization effort.

Classification and Position Management

 Assesses job duties for all positions in state government and classifies them using the Willis Point Factor System to assign a pay grade, in accordance with statute. This pay grade determines, in part, the compensation received by an employee.  Analysis and recommendation of new position requests; verification of funding and budget status; analysis of position changes; abolishment of positions, as applicable


State-wide compensation administration and analysis, including annual exempt salary adjustments, hire-into-range (HIR) requests, exempt salary requests, management of exempt pay plans, management the market factor adjustment (MFA) program, and oversight of classified and exempt merit programs and policies.


Develops strategic, state-wide recruiting and staffing strategies to identify, attract, recruit and hire the talent necessary for the State of Vermont to meets its business goals.  Manages and maintains recruiting processes for all state agencies and departments.  Assists state managers in screening and hiring.  Works to attract, evaluate and acquire a qualified and diverse applicant pool.    Coordinates statewide advertising program and marketing efforts.  Administers the Reduction in Force Reemployment (RIF) program.

Workforce Analysis and Reporting

Performs information management reporting and analysis and develops and maintains a wide variety of reports from the VTHR system, serving all agencies and departments of Vermont state government. Conducts sophisticated analysis of workforce data to identify workforce trends.  Assesses the fiscal impact of legislative proposals and proposals for collective bargaining. Conducts and evaluates annual employee engagement survey.  Evaluates and develops systems and implements reporting to respond to statutory requirements including Affordable Care Act and EEO.


The division includes the following enumerated programs/functions:

Center for Achievement in Public Service (CAPS)

Develops and provides learning, coaching and consulting opportunities for supervisors, managers, and the state employee workforce, designed to enhance employee engagement and the development of new leaders. Administers on-line learning opportunities, the State’s comprehensive and mandatory Supervising In State Government courses, and   the Vermont Certified Public Managers® Program (VCPM) which is accredited by the National Certified Public Managers® Consortium


Investigates allegations of employee misconduct.  Provides guidance to managers, supervisors and HR Managers throughout investigative processes.

Field Services

Provides human resources support and services to employees, agencies and departments throughout state government. The Field Services Team, which is embedded within agencies and departments, acts as the liaison to between customers and DHR Operations, and is knowledgeable about and provides services in the full range of human resource disciplines, including: recruitment, workforce planning, position management, classification, and labor relations.


Negotiates, interprets, and administers the collective bargaining agreements for unionized state employees in four certified bargaining units: Non-Management, Supervisory, Corrections and State Police. The Division is responsible for the administration of statewide personnel policies and procedures and ensures compliance with state and federal employment laws, including the Federal Family Medical Leave Act, Vermont’s Parental and Family Leave Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act, and the Fair Employment Practices Act.


Advises and represents agencies and departments on cases relating to the state’s workforce and works closely with the Attorney General’s Office in litigation before the Vermont Labor Board, the Human Rights Commission and state and federal courts. Reviews and revises statewide personnel policies to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations as well as industry best practices.


VTHR houses all data related to employees’ status, time and benefits to ensure employees are paid appropriately and receive all appropriate benefits. The department continues its focus on upgrading the system to move to automated processes and improved employee self-service. This process continues, to include a review of all related business processes.