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Temporary Reallocation

What is a Temporary Reallocation of a Position?

A temporary reallocation of a position changes the job class and in certain circumstances the bargaining unit, managerial, non-managerial or supervisory designation that a position is assigned to, not the position number. Temporary reallocations are for a specified approved time period, normally not over six months. At the end of the temporary reallocation, the position will revert back to the original job class, and if applicable, as well as the bargaining unit, managerial, non-managerial or supervisory designation.

For example, an agency or department may have a vacant position that is currently being recruited for and identifies an employee to perform the duties of the vacant position while it is being recruited for. The agency or department would request a temporary reallocation of the employee's position to that of the job class of the position being recruited for.

How to Request a Temporary Reallocation

The department management places the request through the Human Resources Manager assigned to support their department. The request must contain the following:

  • The position number, name of the employee involved and employee id.
  • The job class desired temporarily for the position.
  • Information regarding a change in bargaining unit or managerial designation.
  • A short explanation of why a temporary reallocation is needed for the position.
  • The specific start and end dates for the temporary reallocation.

How to Request an Extension to an End Date

A request for an extension to the end date must also be granted by the Human Resources Manager.