Exempt Employees

Elected Officers

The annual salaries for the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Auditor of Accounts, and State Treasurer are established in 32 VSA § 1003(a).  The legislature must approve any salary adjustments.

Department Heads

Base salaries for agency secretaries, commissioners, and heads of certain other free-standing organizations are established in 32 VSA § 1003(b).

  • The salary range maximum for positions listed in 32 VSA § 1003(b) is 50% above the established base salary. See the document Appointed Official Salaries for more information.
  • Appointing authorities may receive pre-approval for a hiring range permitting them to negotiate salary with a potential candidate. The appointing authority recommends a specific salary offer by completing an Exempt Salary Request Form. See Compensation and Leave Benefits for Exempt Employees, Policy Number 12.8 for more details about procedure and the approval process.
  • Periodic salary adjustments granted to individuals in positions subject to 32 VSA § 1003(b) may not exceed the average of the total rate of adjustment available to classified employees.
  • The Governor may grant a special salary increase or bonus subject to statutory limits.

Other Exempt Employees

This group includes agency and department deputies, executive or principal assistants, private secretaries, and other exempts not covered by a pay plan.

  • All requests to hire, or to grant annual increases, end-of-probation increases, or merit increases for exempt employees not covered by any pay plan must be forwarded in advance for review to the Department of Human Resources, Compensation Management. Final approval may only be granted by the Secretary of Administration as the Governor's designee.
  • When recruiting a working salary range must first be authorized. No specific salary may be offered to the candidate until that salary has been approved. Follow the procedures detailed in the General Guidelines section of Compensation and Leave Benefits for Exempt Employees, Policy Number 12.8.
  • An Exempt Salary Request Form for all salary offers must be completed by the appointing authority and forwarded to the Department of Human Resources, Compensation Management.

Exempts Covered by a Unique Pay Plan

As authorized in 32 VSA § 1020 (c) unique pay plans have been established for certain categories of exempt employees. Each of these pay plans include established entry and maximum pay rates, as well as conditions and guidelines for administration of the plans.

Fiscal Year 2019 Exempt Pay Plans
(Effective July 1, 2018 -June 30, 2019)

Attorney Pay Plan (pdf)
Correctional Facility Superintendent Pay Plan (pdf)
Deputy State's Attorneys Pay Plan (pdf)
Executive Director Pay Plan (pdf)
Public Utility Commission Pay Plan (pdf)
Office of the Defender General Pay Plan (pdf)
Vermont Labor Relations Board Pay Plan (pdf)

Exempts Covered by Classified Pay Plan

Some exempt positions may be covered by the Classified Pay Plan for salary administration purposes and the normal rules for that plan apply. See Classified Pay Plan.

Relevant Policies

Compensation and Leave Benefits for Exempt Employees, Policy Number 12.8

Forms & Documents - Exempt Employment