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Equal Employment Opportunity Plan

An Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Plan is a blueprint to help build a strong and diverse workforce by taking advantage of the skills and education of all segments of Vermont's population. The plan's goal is to ensure that all eligible applicants or job-holders have equal opportunity in all areas of state employment, including compensation, recruitment, hiring, retention, training, promotion, working conditions, and benefits. Determining goals, researching best practices, compiling and analyzing data, and designing, scheduling, and conducting training sessions are all part of an affirmative action program. Using these elements, a comprehensive and effective plan can be developed.

An EEO Plan is not based on quotas. A commitment to equal employment opportunity rests on self-analysis of the State's workforce to determine if any occupational areas or portions of the workforce are not reflective of the State's overall workforce population. If any such areas are found, the EEO plan calls on the State's managers and workforce planners to identify what barriers, if any, have contributed to the apparent imbalance and to create strategies to eliminate imbalances.