Open Enrollment

The portal for Open Enrollment in VTHR will open on
November 1 and remain open until midnight November 30:

Open enrollment will be conducted online through the employee self-service portal available in the VTHR system, which will be accessible this year to all active employees even if they do not have access to a computer at a State worksite.
Retirees may download and submit the paper form found in the Documents Section below. Active employees unable to complete the process online may request a paper form by contacting or 802-828-6700, option 1, option 3.

Download Instructions for Open Enrollment Online

VTHR sign-in for Open Enrollment (Portal is open and available for remote and onsite access - click link to sign in)


Open Enrollment is an annual opportunity to make online changes to your Medical/Dental coverage status, and for Active Employees to elect/renew their participation in the FSA program for 2021.

Open Enrollment runs from November 1 to midnight on November 30, 2020.  Changes are effective January 1, 2021.



Medical Coverage

This is your annual opportunity to enroll in the health plan, change the health plan option you are currently in, or add dependents (active employees only).  If you wish to make a change in your health plan option, now is the time to do so. All changes will become effective on January 1, 2021. If you take no action, your coverage status in the health plan will continue as is. You only need to act if you wish to make changes. 
The open enrollment period is also an excellent time to ensure that information on your enrolled dependents is accurate (date of birth, social security number, etc.).
This is also a good time to review your beneficiaries:

For life insurance: Securian/Minnesota Life - 866-293-6047

For your retirement benefits: Retirement Office:, 802-828-2305

Medical Premium Rates

There will be a 0% increase to your medical plan premium in 2021.

Active Employees 2021 Health Benefits Premium Chart
Retired Employees 2021 Health Benefits Premium Chart

Flexible Spending Account Plans

Please note: Per IRS regulations, all current participants with a health care flex account, a dependent care flex account, or both,  must re-enroll in the FSA program during this open enrollment period to participate in 2021. 

Please use the link above to access the online portal to submit your 2021 election for the Health Care and/or Dependent (Day Care) accounts.

NOTE: There are 26 pay periods in the 2021 plan year. If submitting a paper form, please divide your annual election by 26.

If you take no action, you will NOT be enrolled in the FSA program for 2021.

The health care flexible spending account (FSA) plan includes a provision that will allow participants to carry over up to $550 of unused contributions into the following plan year. If you have unused money left in your health care FSA, you can apply up to $550 of the leftover balance to the following plan year account.

If you have never participated in a health care FSA, now is the time, as this is a great opportunity to sign up for at least $550 since you can avoid losing any unused funds with the $550 carryover provision.

This plan allows you to have monies deducted from your paycheck on a pre-tax basis to pay for your out-of-pocket expenses, such as your copays, uncovered dental expenses, glasses, etc. It works a lot like the Pre-tax Medical Premium Deductions. The money that you contribute to this account is deducted from your gross income first and then your taxes are calculated and deducted after that. Therefore, you are paying less in both federal and state taxes. To see your individual projected savings, go to: Savings Calculator.

In addition, you can also have monies deducted on a biweekly basis to cover your child care expenses for your children under 13 years of age. These monies are also deducted on a pre-tax basis.
The maximum amount that can be contributed to a Health Care Account is $2,750 per year. The Dependent Care Account maximum is $5,000 if you are part of a couple filing jointly,  $2,500 if you file an individual tax return.

Life Insurance Premium Rates

There will be no change in the premium rate for 2021.

To check on your identified beneficiaries, call Securian/Minnesota Life at 866-293-6047.

Virtual Benefit Fairs:

In prior years, our benefit fairs were tied into the flu shot clinics and vendors were able to provide physical tables to talk and engage with members. To ensure the safety of all, the fairs will instead be held virtually this year. Once per day over the course of a week, a different vendor will be giving a presentation with a focus on under-utilized or new benefit offerings. After their presentation, they will also be available for a moderated question and answer session during which members can discuss the plan. Please note that the vendors will not be able to address personal matters and questions should be limited to plan level inquiries. The sessions will all start at 12:00 pm and run for 45 minutes and will be recorded for later viewing. The planned schedule for the Virtual Benefits Fairs is as follows:

Monday, 10/26 – Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont
Tuesday, 10/27 – Express Scripts
Wednesday, 10/28 – AsiFlex
Thursday, 10/29 – Northeast Delta Dental
Friday, 10/30 – InvestEAP
Visit the Virtual Benefits Fair Page to Participate
Declaration of Health Coverage Forms

If you are an active employee and you are eligible to enroll in the State Employees’ Health Plan but have other health insurance coverage, you are required to submit a Declaration of Health Insurance Coverage Form.  A copy of this form can be found below.

Informational Documents Section

Active Employees:

Health Plan:
2021 Active Employee Health Premiums
Health Plan Comparison Chart
SelectCare Plan Summary of Benefits
TotalChoice Plan Summary of Benefits
2021 National Drug Formulary
Domestic Partner Enrollment Forms and Guidelines
Declaration of Health Coverage
Legislator Dental Enrollment Form
Flexible Spending:
Flexible Spending Booklet


Deferred Compensation Change Form
(Deduction changes are made immediately unless a specific pay period is identified, and can be changed throughout the year.)

Retired Employees:

Health Plan:
Medical Enrollment Form for Retired Employees
2021 Retireed Employees Health Benefits Premiums
Health Plan Comparison Chart
SelectCare Plan Summary of Benefits
TotalChoice Plan Summary of Benefits
2021 Medicare Drug Formulary - for Retirees over 65
2021 National Drug Formulary - for Retirees under 65