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Step 2 - Job Posting and RIF Clear

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Classified and non-seasonal temporary open/vacant positions must be posted online on the DHR Career website. This includes all positions for which an agency or department wishes to recruit internally for promotional or transfer opportunities as well as open/competitive positions. All position vacancies that a department intends to fill must be posted on the DHR Career website for a minimum of ten (10) business days. Note: you may extend the recruitment period or go back out for recruitment if necessary.

Generally, a position (whether classified, exempt or temporary) will have a position ID number, title, and a corresponding job specification. As such, much of the job posting information is pre-established. State of Vermont job specifications are located here: Specifications.

You will work with your Talent Acquisition Specialist to craft a brief yet compelling job overview/lead paragraph that will grab candidate interest. A well-crafted overview can make a difference between catching the focus of a busy candidate and losing interest altogether.

When position is posted in on our Career site, you gain added exposure. The posting appears on the State of Vermont Career page and is pushed out to multiple job boards, and at no cost to you. DHR will also post opportunities on DHR’s social media channels including Twitter and Facebook page as well as the State of Vermont’s LinkedIn Page.

If you are interested in advertising your position, there are resources available to assist you in planning outreach, writing your ad copy and coordinating placement of the ad. For more information on advertising support, and the coordinated advertising program, please go to: Advertising or contact your Talent Acquisition Specialist.

You may also consider other independent venues, such as professional associations, newsletters, LinkedIn, etc.

Things to think about in the job overview:

  • The lead sentence should be an active, strong sentence that will communicate, from the applicant’s point of view, either how the employee will contribute or what they are likely to gain from taking the job.
  • The brief description of the job should be written in plain language that will let the potential applicant recognize what the job is about, its basic functions, what program does the position work for, etc. Less is more, so use only a few sentences.
  • Answer the question: “Who are you looking for?” This might be an abbreviated statement of the minimum qualifications, preferred qualifications or specific skills desired.

This is also a good time to review the minimum qualifications with your Talent Acquisition Specialist, and any other issues before the position is posted.

Temporary Position Recruitment Process

Special note: With the enactment of the federal Affordable Care Act, all temporary positions must also be posted through SuccessFactors Recruiting unless they are direct hires (i.e., seasonal temp rehired from one season to the next). Below is a brief description of the temporary position process. If you are “direct hiring” a temp you will need a State of VT Temporary Employment Application that conforms with “Ban the Box” and DHR, or approved delegate, will need to certify that the individual meets the minimum qualifications for the position; after which, you can then jump to Step 5: Making an Offer and will need to complete the remaining steps.

For all temporary position recruitments, hiring managers will have the following two options available (Note: These options align with Department of Human Resources’ Policy 4, Section 4.02 for Temp hiring):

  • SuccessFactors Recruiting System
    • This is the same process followed for all classified, permanent and limited service positions
  • Direct hiring – applicable when there is no actual recruitment
    • No posting, no advertising
    • Hiring manager has an individual candidate that they desire to hire (For example, a call back of a seasonal worker from last year, possible retirees, etc.)
    • The applicant will still need to be certified by DHR that they meet the minimum qualifications of the position job specification
    • The policy on providing a formal written job offer (drafted by DHR) is required

No offer of employment to a temporary employee may be for more than 1,280 hours of work per calendar year.
The recruitment and hiring process for exempt positions, and interns also varies slightly. For assistance with recruitment for these position types, please reach out to your HR Administrator.

Reduction in Force (RIF) Clearing

Prior to a classified position in a bargaining unit being posted for internal and/or external recruitment, it must first be RIF (Reduction In Force) Cleared (RIF Clear) by DHR. RIF Clear is the process by which a vacant classified bargaining unit position is reviewed by the DHR Talent Acquisition Team to determine whether the position must be offered to someone with mandatory reemployment rights to the vacancy, prior to posting a job requisition. This is done by DHR once they receive the official request to recruit paperwork from the Department, and prior to the position being posted formally for recruitment in the SuccessFactors Recruiting system. RIF Clearing takes place up to the time in which you are prepared to make a final job offer. You will only be notified by DHR if there is a RIF candidate, otherwise DHR will continue to process your request to recruit. If there is a qualified and interested RIF candidate, you will be notified by DHR and will need to contact the RIF candidate within three (3) days to discuss/offer them the position.