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Transferring Positions


Positions may be transferred between state entities by: an act of the General Assembly; through the position pool process; or, based on statute, the Governor may transfer positions and personnel between agencies and departments.  In addition, agency heads may have specific statutory authority to transfer positions and personnel between departments within the agency, such transfers require the Governor’s approval.


Agency Transfer: Requests to transfer positions within an agency should be submitted in memo format, addressed to the Secretary of Administration through the Department of Human Resources.

Transfers between state departments and agencies: In many cases such transfers will require legislative review and approval. Prior to submitting a written request, the requesting appointing authorities should contact the Commissioner of Human Resources to determine the appropriate process.

Each request must include the following information:

  • Statutory citation authorizing the agency head to transfer positions within the agency.
  • Position number, title, and incumbent’s name (if filled) to be transferred
  • Department transferred to, new title if different, new location, business unit, and department id.
  • An explanation of why the transfer is necessary.