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Step 9 - Selecting a Buddy

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While your role as Supervisor is critical to establishing and managing performance expectations, there may be another individual on your team who could serve as a resource for information and offer general guidance to your new employee as they come on board.

The role of the buddy is to help the employee become acquainted to the department/unit in an informal capacity.  It is someone who will serve as a good role model to the new employee and is familiar with day-to-day operations.  If the supervisor desires, the buddy can help, as appropriate, with other onboarding activities as well. The buddy should be assigned by the supervisor prior to the new employee’s arrival.  Some suggested roles for the buddy:

  • Provide a friendly contact to ask questions that will arise during the first few weeks of employment.
  • Serve as a contact and follow-up with the new employee for the first one to three months to help him or her become acclimated.

Some other roles the buddy may help with:

  • A tour of the office/building.
  • Show the employee the Agency intranet (if applicable).
  • Eat lunch together (optional).
  • Introduce the new employee to others in the department with whom he/she may have frequent communication with.
  • Accompany the employee to a meeting for the purposes of introductions and role clarity.

The role of buddy is a voluntary role and voluntary on the part of your current team member.  If you have questions, please contact your HR Administrator for guidance.  

Buddy Checklist