Online Courses

Online Classes

The Center for Achievement in Public Service offers a range of online classes through various partners.  These classes are available to all state employees, covering a broad range of topics for employee development, safety and health, and other more job specific areas.  Many of the classes are offered without charge and allow for employees to access classes from their desk.

We are currently partnering with the following eLearning platforms:


Universal Class

The Vermont Department of Libraries in conjunction with the Department of Human Resources is happy to provide SOV employees with access to Universal Class.  Universal Class is an online learning provider that has an extensive catalog of classes, ranging from computer software to business ethics to diversity.

Universal Class offers more than 500 classes, not all connected to work-related themes.  To help employees identify SOV related courses, we have developed a catalog that can be accessed here.  DHR strongly suggests that you only take courses during work hours that:

  • Have been either assigned, vetted or previously discussed with your supervisor, and
  • Are directly connected and relevant to your work with the State of Vermont.

Once employees have completed these courses, they can upload their completion certificates to the Learning Management System to add them to their transcript.  For more information about Universal Class and directions on how to navigate the system and upload certificates, click here for the “How To” document.

Click here for more information about resources from the Department of Libraries.

Cost: Free!


  • To access these classes, state employees must have a Vermont state or municipal library card.  You may use your municipal library card, or obtain a library card from your local library or the State library.  Employees can click here to be directed to an online form to request a State library card.
  • For information connected to navigation of Universal Class, click here.

Link to Learning Management System (LMS):
Once employees have completed courses through Universal Class, they may upload their certificates of completion to the LMS using the Add External Training tool.  Please reference the Add External Trainings section of the “How To” document for directions.

Technical Assistance:

  • For questions connected to Library Cards, Universal Class access or other library related questions, please contact Tom McMurdo, or 802-828-6953.
  • For questions connected to the Learning Management System and uploading certificates, please email


These courses require the latest Google Chrome browser and/or IE 11. Contact your IT department to assist with securing the appropriate browser.

The Department of Information and Innovation is pleased to provide online trainings connected to cybersecurity available through the LMS in conjunction with CAPS.  The trainings are provided by SANS IT and uploaded into our LMS.  These classes can be accessed through your current LMS account.  For a complete list of classes, type “SANS IT” in the LMS search bar.

Cost: Free!

Enrollment: These classes are available through the State of Vermont LMS.

Link to Learning Management System (LMS): 
SANS IT classes are currently located in the LMS and will automatically be reflected in the employee transcripts upon completion.

Helpful DocumentsSANS IT Frequently Asked Questions and SANS IT How To

Technical Assistance: email for technical assistance.


The Agency of Administration Office of Risk Management entered into an agreement with PMA Management Corp. of New England to handle the State's workers' compensation and liability claims as well as our workplace safety program. We recognize that a comprehensive and robust workplace safety program is key to limiting risks for injury to state workers' and the filing of workers' compensation claims.

PMA offers a full range of online safety training programs through their partner ResourceNow.  PMA classroom based courses can also be assigned and tracked on this website. We are confident you will find these courses relevant, timely and applicable to your job.

Cost: Free!

Enrollment: These classes are available through the LOGIN for ResourceNOW at:

New Users: Follow the ResourceNOW Instructions as listed below.

Data Imported to Learning Management System (SOV LINC):
CAPS will upload the transcript data from the PMA CLMI/ResourceNoW system to the SOV LINC LMS the first week of each month.

Helpful Documents: ResourceNOW Instructions  / Websource Courses / CLMI Catalog of Courses

Technical Assistance: If you have any questions or difficulty with the CLMI - ResourceNOW system, please contact the Vermont Office of Risk Management at or 802-828-2899 or the Risk Control Technical Coordinator at PMA at 203-679-3827 or