Classroom Electives

CAPS offers an ever-expanding roster of face-to-face classes of interest to employees, supervisors and managers. Subject matter ranges from productivity to communication and conflict management, and may include topics on how state government works, HR compliance, planning for retirement in the state system, work-life balance and stress, and addressing violence in the workplace. Topics change with demand and availability.

Classes taught by CAPS staff  or other state employees are most often at no charge for employees of state government.  Participants must be approved for time away from their work assignments.  Please register and have your supervisor approve at least ten days prior to the start of the session so we can process your information.  Supervisors will need to access SOV LINC to approve.  You must be Registered in order to attend, so please check your status in SOV LINC before arriving.   Other courses taught by external experts may have a tuition fee which must be approved by the enrollees department before enrollment is official.  Some classes may have a materials cost connected to them.  These will be invoiced back to the department of the participant.

Important:  State employee's who require special accomodation for trainings to be accessible (mobility, vision, hearing, etc...) please contact in a separate email after registering in order to allow sufficient time to make arrangements. 

Other government employees (non-state) may apply to attend CAPS classes and will be approved on the basis of availability. In most cases, there will be a tuition rate. To apply from outside Vermont State Government, contact 

Explore our FAQ for details of taking classes at CAPS.

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