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Candidate Screening and Selection

The best candidates come from thorough screening through a variety of methods: Skills assessments, phone interviews, and structured behavioral interviewing to ascertain certain strengths and competencies. Properly evaluating and preparing for the hiring process goes a long way to ensuring a good hire.

Managing Candidate Lists Heading

Hiring Managers receive an email notification that candidates have been moved into "Hiring Manager Review" status in SuccessFactors Recruiting for your review following the job application deadline. The candidates in this status include all applicants who pass the screening process, indicating that they meet the minimum education and experience qualifications of the position. This list of candidates is the foundation for the hiring manager's selection process - only candidates who are on this list may be considered for interviews and offers. Information pertaining to Veterans status and mandatory interview status is also included on the candidate list. Applicants who self-identify as a Veteran of the United States Armed Forces will receive points, as provided by 20 V.S.A. 1543 and 3V.S.A. 310(f). If any applicant on your candidate list is labeled “mandatory interview” you must offer this individual an interview. You will receive additional information under separate cover if there is an applicant with mandatory interview status.


Selection Guidelines Heading

The hiring agency/department may interview all applicants moved by Talent Acquisition team to "Hiring Manager Review" status in SuccessFactors Recruiting or choose to interview only those applicants who appear to most closely match the job's requirements. When selecting candidates to interview, verify that the applicant's education and experience objectively meet the minimum qualifications for the job as outlined in the class specification. When there is a large candidate list, it is also helpful to identify in advance "preferred" qualifications that will allow you to quickly and objectively sort and prioritize your candidates. The Department of Human Resources encourages hiring authorities to interview qualified State and agency promotional candidates, however, you should check with your HR administrator for any agency-specific policies regarding interviewing.

Key Recruitment Policies & Guidelines 2019 (pdf)

Candidate Experience Heading

The best way any organization can attract top talent is to provide applicants, candidates, and new hires with the best possible candidate experience. 

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