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Welcome to the State of Vermont’s Learning Management System, SOV LINC: Lead. Innovate. Navigate. Connect! This software is a tool for administering, managing, and tracking professional development.

With over 8,000 training opportunities, including instructor-led and online trainings, SOV LINC is bound to provide you with unlimited access for your professional development needs .  In addition, the system provides increased access to training across the state, maintenance of a professional transcript, and 24/7 access to training materials, tools, and resources.   The system  also provides access to employee transcripts, tools to manage employee needs and functions to support the future growth and development of individuals and teams.

What you can expect:

  • Employees can search for training, register for classes, manage their own profiles, add external trainings completed outside of State Government, and view their transcripts.
  • Supervisor can track employees training status, view transcripts, assign trains as a part of employee development plans, and other functions to support individual and team development.
  • Supervisors can approve or deny trainings requested by employees within the system.

By aligning state workforce to professional opportunities, DHR and CAPS encourages employees to take advance of all that SOV LINC has to offer.

Effective December 10, 2021, DHR implemented a new and improved user sign in feature available to all State of Vermont employees referred to as single sign on (SSO). End users will not have to remember a password and instead click on a link  that leads end users directly into the SOV LINC.

To sign in click on the following links:

State Employees

External Partners

For additional information about the system and how it can aid in your professional development, feel free to access any of the training materials below.  CAPS Staff is also available to assist you should you have any questions at:

SOV LINC User Guide 2022 (pdf)

LMS Learner Home User Guide 2023 (pdf)

SOV LMS LINC for Supervisors and Managers Guide 2023 (pdf)

SOV LINC User FAQs (pdf)