About the Center for Achievement in Public Service (CAPS)

The Center for Achievement in Public Service, or CAPS (formerly The Summit), was established in the spring of 2015 to provide training, coaching, and facilitation to state agencies and departments. We offer classes and programs for all levels, from online basics in OSHA safety requirements and Microsoft Office Suite basics, to the Vermont Certified Public Managers® Program (VCPM) and our flagship Supervising in State Government program. We also offer a wide range of classroom electives in communication skills, a strengths based approach to performance and engagement, customer service, teams and workplace environment, and more.

Our staff are professional trainers, consultants and coaches, and are available to consult to departments and agencies to address planning, facilitation and team development needs. Our online course catalog spans subject matter for all levels.

On the Vermont College of Fine Arts campus in Montpelier, CAPS’ location is convenient and the facility is spacious, comfortable and well-equipped.