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Vermont Higher Education Investment Plan (VHEIP)


The Vermont Higher Education Investment Program (VHEIP) is an affordable way for parents, grandparents, family members and friends to save for future college education.

Other Information

Key features of the program include:

  • Several investment options to choose from
  • Tax-deferred growth of earnings & tax- free withdrawals when used for qualified higher education expenses
  • Vermont state tax credit on contributions to the program
  • Funds can be used at eligible schools nationwide
  • Convenient payroll deductions for contributions
  • Enrollment at any time during the year


The minimum amount you may deposit to an account is $15.00 per month. Questions about specific investment options should be directed to Vermont Student Assistance Corporation.


All permanent state employees are eligible for participation. An enrollment package can be obtained by contacting the Employee Benefits Unit.


Enrollment in the VHEIP program is completed online: Go to Enrollment Site.

Once your enrollment is confirmed, you may submit the VHEIP Deduction Authorization Form to begin payroll deductions into your account.


Vermont Higher Education Investment Plan
Vermont Student Assistance Corporation
(800) 637-5860