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Long Term Disability


This benefit pays up to 66.667% of your monthly earnings if you become disabled. The minimum benefit is $100 per month and the maximum benefit is $6,667 per month (66.667% of $10,000), before reduction by deductible income. These benefits may continue for as long as the disability continues, up to age 67 for most employees. In addition:

  • Benefits begin after a 180 day waiting period.
  • The LTD plan does coordinate with any benefits you may be receiving from Social Security and/or State disability retirement benefits.


Employees with a leave plan will lose one personal day each fiscal year; employees without leave plans will have a one time deduction of .2% taken off their first across the board increase.


Only those employees who hold a position that is not covered by a collective bargaining agreement, including Classified, Confidential, Elected or Appointed Officials, and Exempt Employees are eligible to join the plan. In addition, enrollment is effective following one year of continuous active employment and is mandatory.


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