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Employee Whistleblower Protection

Reporting Fraud: Employee Whistleblower Protection

The State of Vermont protects State employees who make good faith reports of “waste, fraud, abuse of authority, violations of law, or a threat to the health of employees, the public, or persons under the care of the state …” The State also protects employees who refuse to violate an illegal order, when an employee timely asserts a good faith, reasonable belief that the order violates the law.

In addition, the State protects employees who talk to Legislators or testify before the General Assembly, provided employees do not disclose confidential information and clearly state they are not speaking on the State’s behalf.

Employees, supervisors and managers are encouraged to refer to the statute available on this page for details regarding employee rights and management’s responsibilities under this law. (See “Vermont Whistleblower Statute” under “Forms and Documents”.) The Vermont Whistleblower Protection law can also be found at 3 V.S.A. §§ 971-978.

Training videos are available through SOV LINC Whistleblower Trainings.