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Time Entry & Approval for Delegates

Delegates play an important role in the time entry and time validation process; they serve as a point of contact for Employees, Approvers and the DHR Time & Labor staff. Delegates are identified by the departments and require special hands-on training to receive their VTHR security.

  • Validation of employee reported time.

    • Run queries and reports to verify hours are reported and approved for all active employees in a Department.
    • Verify exceptions are corrected and cleared for processing.
    • Verify that Job Status, Workgroup, and TRG (Time Reporter Group) are correct for each active employee in a department.
  • Bi-weekly timesheet validation process.
    • Ensure time entry and approval deadlines are being met.
    • Report employee hours when needed. Special waiver form available in the Documents & Forms section.
    • Manage and communicate changes to employee timesheets in times when there are time constraints to ensure appropriate compensation.
  • Audit & validate managers access to employee’s timesheets.