How to Contact us by Phone:

Call (802) 828-2751 or see our Contact Us page for more information.

How do I register for classes offered at CAPS?

We have a robust course offering for state employees.  To learn more about our class and to register, click here.

Does CAPS offer online courses?

Yes! Employees can choose from many  courses  offered through First Net Learning.  Other resources are offered through Universal Class, SANS IT and PMA.  Click here to access all online courses.

Does CAPS offer computer classes?

In addition to the computer courses found on the online site above, the State of Vermont also offers a discounted rate for computer courses though two vendors: KnowledgeWave Training (www.knowledgewave.com) and Vermont Panurgy Corporation (www.panurgyvt.com)

I tried to register for a class but it is full.  Will you notify me if the class is held again?

Using the new SOV LINC system, simply click on the event, then click "notify me of new sessions" 

How will payment for a class at CAPS or an online course be handled?

For many classes taught by CAPS staff or other state employees, no tuition will assessed for state employees. For classes with a course or materials/resources charge, Executive Branch employees' Departments will receive an invoice. Individuals from outside state government may register for some courses, at the tuition rate indicated. Please email DHR.CAPS@vermont.gov  for more information about registering for classes as a non-state employee

My supervisor said I could have the time off to take a class, but my department will not pay for it. Can I pay for the class with a personal check?

Yes.  Please contact DHR.CAPS@vermont.gov to arrange this.  Payment is due no later than three business days ahead of the class and should be made payable to: State of Vermont.  We cannot accept cash or credit cards.

What is your cancellation policy?

To avoid charge: cancel no less than 10 full business days prior to the start of the class.  If you cancel after the required notice period, or fail to attend and do not call beforehand, your department will be billed for the course if there is a charge.  Substitutes may replace the original registrant.  If you received any special pre-class materials or instructions, please pass them to the substitute. The substitute should plan to attend the full class.  Ideally they should register before the start of the class, but as long as you contact us prior to the start of the class, we will accommodate your request to switch.  In the event the Summit needs to cancel or reschedule this course, a staff member will make every attempt to contact you before the event begins.  Many classes fill to capacity very early. When you notify us that you cannot attend, we can open the registrations to others.

What if I am sick on the day of a class?

If there is no charge for the class, please have someone from your office contact us to let us know you will not be attending.  Please try to send a substitute in your place. If there is a fee for the class, please see the next question.

I was unable to give ten business days’ notice for a class with a registration fee. Why was my department billed for a class that I was unable to attend?

We contract with consultants on a minimum enrollment basis. If the minimum number of registrants is reached ten business days before the class, CAPS will be obliged to pay the consultant for that number of participants. Anyone who cancels after the ten day cut-off will, therefore, be required to pay the registration fee.

What are the reasons for canceling classes?

The most common reasons for canceling classes are:

  1. Low Enrollment: Generally, we are able to determine four days in advance if we need to cancel due to low enrollment. We then make every effort to contact participants to let them know.
  2. Inclement weather: If weather conditions warrant a class cancellation, we try to give as much notice as possible. If weather deteriorates overnight, the voicemail at CAPS will be updated by 7:45 a.m. notifying participants of cancellation.
  3. Illness of the instructor on the day of the class. In that case, we attempt to call those registrants who are furthest from CAPS first. When a class is canceled we make every attempt to reschedule it and contact participants with the new date.

Are classes open to participants other than state employees?

Please email DHR.CAPS@vermont.gov if you are interested in a class, but are not a state employee.

I am a temporary employee. Am I eligible to register for classes?

Yes, you are eligible, subject to the approval of your supervisor.

How does CAPS select its classes?

We use a multi-faceted approach and review classes that have run in the past. Classes that are popular and receive good evaluations from state employees may be held more than once a year in order to meet demand.

Can I attend a class in a location other than CAPS?

Most classes are conducted at the CAPS training center at 32 College Street. We schedule classes at other locations as needed and possible. Check the classroom electives catalog for location specifics.