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An employee may voluntarily request to work remotely from an alternative worksite, including an employee's home, on a regularly scheduled basis, under certain conditions and in accordance with established policy.


Telework is only feasible in those tasks within a job, which are suitable in a whole or in part to being performed away from the official duty station. In general, positions involving the direct supervision of employees, direct in-person client contact, and/or significant administrative support may not be amenable to telework. Under no circumstances shall an employee's home be used to hold meeting or provide direct face-to-face service to clients.
The Appointing Authority or designee has the sole discretion to approve an employee's request for telework, and will only permit telework when consistent with the operating needs of the Agency or Department.
Telework is a voluntary program, provided at the sole discretion of the Appointing Authority, and may be terminated by the employee at any time, with or without cause.

Telework Requests

Employees who desire to perform telework must complete and submit the Telework Request Form to the Appointing Authority found in Forms and Documents below.