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Managing a Job Opening

Below is an overview of next steps and important details to assist hiring managers with a successful and efficient recruitment process. 

We have created two packets that guide hiring managers through  the recruitment process:

Talent Acquisition Procedure Guide Part I (From when position is posted and is intended to cover the hiring process from this point until the application deadline)


  1. Recruitment Checklist
  2. Recruitment Process Outline
  3. Key Recruitment Policies and Guidelines 
  4. Hiring Timeline 
  5. Browse Job Openings 
  6. Hiring Timeline Calculator

Talent Acquisition Procedure Guide -  Part II (From when after you receive your routed candidates and will cover the hiring process from the application deadline to making an offer and onboarding a new hire)


  1. Interview Status Update Guide
  2. Reject Applicant Guide
  3. Forward Applicant for Offer Letter Guide 

Click on the headings below for more details about each task:
Candidate List
Pre-offer Requirements
Notification to Applicants
Offer Process

Candidate List

You will receive your candidate list after the application deadline. If you are planning your schedule now to block out time to review the applications, you can expect to have your list within three (3) business days from the application deadline date, although it is usually only a one or two-day turnaround. Only candidates in “route” status are available for your consideration. Although you can review and monitor applications throughout the posting period, do NOT make any changes to an applicant’s status until after HR has sent the list to you. Changes that are made prior to routing cause significant errors in the VTHR system.

If you decide that you need to extend your application deadline or repost the opening, please let HR know.

Browse Job Openings (pdf)


Once the job opening is posted, make sure you have your interview team assembled and time reserved for the interviews. Blocking time in your calendars will enable you to move ahead relatively quickly once you have your lists. Please note that the offer of an interview must be documented in VTHR. This provides useful data. The interview function may also be used to confirm scheduled appointments. However, our best practice is to continue to contact applicants directly to invite them for an interview and only use VTHR for confirmation and documentation.

Interview Status Quick Reference (pdf)
Record Interview (video)

Pre-Offer requirements

Before you make a conditional offer, check with your HR Administrator to ensure that pre-offer requirements are met and to obtain the applicable forms. This includes the Tax Compliance check (Policy 12.12) for all new hires and the Criminal History Declaration (Policy 4.11) for all hires except for specific job classes exempted by DHR. Your department may have other background check requirements applicable to the position.

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Applicant Notification

You are responsible for all applicant communication once you receive a routed candidate list. Applicants with a valid email address receive a system-generated notice when they successfully submit the application. Applicants who fail screening (based on their questionnaire responses) and are NOT routed to you receive notification that they did not meet basic eligibility requirements or minimum qualifications. Once applicants are routed to the hiring manager, there are no further automated notifications regarding their status. Policy 4.11 includes the expectation that applicants are provided with timely notification regarding their status. There are tools provided in VTHR that make this a quick and easy process.

Reject Applicant Quick Reference (pdf)
Applicant Follow Up (video)

Offer Process

When you have selected your finalist for the position, you may make a verbal, conditional offer. In that conversation with the candidate, you can discuss a proposed start date and answer any questions that candidate may have prior to accepting the offer. You will then use “Forward Applicant” to request that your HR Administrator submit a formal offer letter to the candidate through VTHR. The offer letter puts all of the other applicants in the job opening on hold, unless you have already updated their status to “not hired”. After the candidate accepts the offer in the system, HR completes the hire process and the job opening is closed out. You do not need to take any action regarding the status of the job opening – that is managed by HR.

Forward Applicant Quick Reference (pdf)
Forward Applicant (video)

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